Monday, December 28, 2009

Busy Day, Custom Ring (just about)Finished and New Pics of Go Ask Alice

I hope everyone had a wonderful holiday! (it's not over yet is it?) We never really celebrate New Years, mostly because we can't stay up that late!

I kept my shop open and want to say THANK YOU to all of you who ordered items. You should all have them by now, or within the next couple of days. I also received this custom order (this being the second one of it's kind) and wanted to start and finish it today so it could be on it's merry way! (crikey I didn't mean to rhyme...)

Il mio migliore amico, il mio amore, la mia anima
(my bestfriend, my love, my soul)this pic shows it in progress, it needs a tad of a flare on the edges, more sanding to smooth it and a tumble. :-)
if you are interested in this or another saying on this type of ring, here is the listing in my Etsy shop

News from my other shop on Etsy, AutumnLeavesHome
My Go Ask Alice piece really needed more contrast so I've also been working on updating photos. Here they are :) (I love opening up and playing with this little box!)
Listing for Go Ask Alice

another view

Open more

From the bottom up

I also got to play around with giving away to spinner rings, sorry if you were busy and missed out, I'll do more next year! I gave away 2 spinners and made it a fun sort of treasure hunt!

Nicola and Julz you will be receiving these rings soon! (this time I made the rings first...and if for some reason they are not your size they would make a sweet gift for someone else in your life!)

In other news we're just about ready to have our carpet installed and that means boxing up lots and lots and lots (have I mentioned lots yet?) of books and thingies. First I need to take down and store all of the holiday ornaments. We had a very laid back holiday weekend. I got to see my dad and that was a treat!

I'm working on a creative piece for my shop in Deco style, it's about 2/3rds finished. I'm taking my sweet time because I want it to be perfect! (or as close as I can get - as always!)

Here's a photo of the gift my father brought by for me, the wrapping was priceless, so i had to get a photo of it!
(oops the photo is on my other computer...stand

okay i'm on the laptop here's his awesome wrapped gift :-)

...and our daughter, Angelica, holding up chocolates, which are very very lovely, but have a couple of funny stories behind them


Jaime said...

That ring looks beautiful Care, such a pretty saying, and The new pics for Go Ask Alice are perfect, especially the second one! I love that piece - I just got myself a tshirt with the white rabbit on it - LOVE Alice n Wonderland!
PS- I was soo mad I missed the first spinner giveaway - I've been eyeing that one for ages hehehe

susie said...

Such a beautiful sentiment on the ring (ring itself beautiful as well). Looks like a lovely holiday was had by all. I wish someone would hurry up and buy your Alice piece and the turquoise ring in your other shop (they have been calling to me!). Especially love the layers in the Alice piece, so much detail. Wishing you a happy new year.

CarolynArtist said...

Oooooooooooo hi Jaim! *hugs!* I need a fun t-shirt too!!! Which pic when you say the 2nd one? The second Alice pic? I'm trying to decide on the pic for my shop, I used one similar to it, but sharper. Jaim, the Tomboy Spinner???
Susie, I hear them too, they're sayinig
"s-s-s-s-s-SssSSSSS-ssssuuu-zieeeewe love youuuuuuuuuuuuuu"
you guys I just ran an errand out in this ccccold, dang it's just cold.

CheekyLemur said...

Hope you enjoyed a merry Christmas, I've been without internet for a week or so due to the move, so couldn't tell you that I got the spinner ring on Dec birthday!
I love it, thank you, thank you.

CarolynArtist said...

Julia I'm so glad!!! I just saw on facebook something about France?I was thiinking, uh oh I hope it made it! Happy belated birthday! If you no longer live in England, can you still be Cheeky? :P

Jaime said...

Yes the second Alice pic and yes the tomboy lol I missed out on it, that will teach me not to check my blog feed every few hours lol

CarolynArtist said...

Jaim, I could just make you one for your belated birthday, you sent me that amazing Canadian leaf necklace.

SO, okay, I'm going with the 2nd pic listed here as my first pic in the shop...thanks!!!

Nicola said...

Oooh how cooolio is that Alice box!

Stormy said...

Hi Carolyn,

Your "Go Ask Alice" necklace is so cool! Something with that much detail/cool-ness ;) should be shown on a model don't you think?

I think most would have a hard time imagining what it would look like *on*. Maybe use yr dd as the model?

Great work ~ Wowza!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Nicola! :-)

Stormy, tis in my other shop AutumnLeavesHome and not necessarily simply a necklace. It's more of an art piece, in which the necklace can certainly be worn. (the whole piece cannot be worn)
:-) The necklace has a ladder made by moi and a very very old boot button (which Alice keeps to remind herself of her long journey down the rabbit hole and back out)
All of the pieces come together to form an oval box with words (and a little ladder necklace nestled in) I hope this makes sense. (the full description is on the listing)...