Monday, November 16, 2009

Round Box with Poppy Lid in Sterling Silver

When I was a little girl I used to take things apart, nice things, mostly my own things. It seemed unbearable not knowing how the Geisha moved (and why were there multiple Geisha's) in my large, black painted, jewelry box my father brought back from his time in Asia. The box was awesome, it had top side drawers that flipped open (lined with soft red velvet) and some drawers that slid out under. The dissection didn't take place in a frantic fury like the opening of a candy bar (i spare no patience on such things), but over time I did pry that huge box open, from underneath- to discover its parts, the mirrors, the little mechanisms and~ I touched the Geisha. It was both thrilling and disappointing to find mirrors behind the slow dancing mechanical Geisha. I felt brain zapping thrills to see how these parts worked.

A similar fate fell upon a jewelry box brought back from Turkey to me as a gift, when we were stationed in (then) West Germany. Before too long, I'd upended the pretty octagonal shaped brown box (with gorgeous lighter wood inlay) and discovered the cylindrical metal piece that held the parts and went round and round to the theme song from the movie Dr. Zhivago. (When the lid opened a tiny plastic ballet dancer popped up with arm extended overhead and she moved in circles to the tune of Lara's Song from the move Dr Zhivago.)
I admit I get my thrills in odd ways, and the most fun that Turkish jewelry box brought was having the ability to play with the device to make the music go faster, then slower...and once I'd figured it out, it was not much of a joy to have around.

So many more pieces were taken apart, later half regretted...though mostly my curiosity was sated...and fueled...

This is why I love to make kinetic pieces. (Partly) I love to see something that would normally be still (let's say a ring) have the ability to be beautiful and move and move. This is where my love of Spinner Rings comes from.

When I figured out how to construct my first metal hinge I was over the moon. It doesn't mean diddly that I can go buy a ready-made hinge, I want to make it. My brain wants to enjoy the satisfaction of creating a piece that has caused my hands to construct.
These long-ago actions lead to my story behind making this piece, she's small but she if functional.
I can picture someone giving it to their beloved with a tiny note inside, a question maybe? A statement. Maybe~ a promise.

Soon I'll delve into these further and make them larger to fit rings and things. For now this is what I have to offer.


susie said...

ooh, I want to learn how to do hinges, I can see all of the possibilities with these small vessels (I do love those old poison rings). Very cool.

Julie said...

The curious mind is fascinating to little nephew is showing signs of this as at five years old he wants to know how everything works - his attention span and focus is awe inspiring - and he never forgets.

Your creation is lovely, thanks for sharing your talent.talent.talent...xo Julie

Jaime said...

As I told you already- that little container is soo darling. Everything about it screams CARE! I love the attention to detail, the craftsmanship - it is an extension of you my dear!

thebearaffair said...

You make me crazy with curiosity.....I have always, and still do, have a NEED to know how and why everything works. Like you, I have disassembled many a treasure only to be disappointed once I figured out how it worked. Isn't curiosity a wonderful thing????? Or is it;] I'm curious - what are you doing this very minute??;] Hugs, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Ooooo I've heard of those rings Susie. I'm leaning more toward a wee larger vessel, no ringading ding...though it would be cool, you could do it!
Julie you are too sweet. It's good to see you notice your childs creative side!!!
JAIM I have so many ideas for more, I just need more heat, more metal and time! :P(thank you!!!)
LOL Sal I know your mind works like that, oh and at that time I was with Jodi and my daughter making items muwhahaha...and at 6:15 this morning the slow cooker had started. (I was up at 5 chopping things) It's becoming a fun tradition she suggested. She got to go home with half the beef stew, I went home from her house with half the chili last week - it's a nice thing in these early dark days!

of course we topped the day off by watching Charlie Brown Christmas!

thebearaffair said...

The perfect day!!

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

What an adorable little box! I love it.
My brother was the one that took apart everything to see how it worked. He couldn't be left alone in the house, or things were disassembled!

CarolynArtist said...

lol Tammy! i did not venture outside my own possessions- but I've read about kids like that!!!
it was Sal :-)

Willow Branch said...


Lookie!!! I want to hold it & open it & put secret notes in it. I think if I write a wish on a piece of paper & place it inside, my wish will ome true.

That's an awesome art piece. You have such imagination & the ability to turn it into something tangible....all of those tiny componants that come together to make that one little treasure box.
Amazing Care!!!!!


CarolynArtist said...

Paaaaammmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!:-) Hi hi HI!
Thank you, you are so sweet.Can I just tell you it's fun to take the lid off, put it back on, take it off, etc...I have another I'm working on, bigger, and it can fit a ring, necklace, note, oh the possibilities. It feels like painting with metal, you know? (you know!)