Sunday, November 8, 2009

Fire Opal Ring in Sterling Silver...

Etsy Listing for Fire Opal Ring in Sterling Silver




I love this ring...and it's too big for me, which is a good thing. Some day I will make my birthstone ring in a size that fits!

For now, this pretty needs to find a home. She's a size 9. The band is forged by me, I went for a matte finish with some oxidation and sanding.
The Fire Opal stone is oval and chunky, to give it a contemporary look and make the stone pop I decided to have a rectangular shape encompass the silver bezel.
The back has my mark, .925 stamp and a little heart cut out to allow light to flow through this firey, gorgeous orange stone!

I hope you like :)

It's Sunday and I've got my Redskins jersey on...hubby is negotiating 9 holes of golf while we both ponder the chores that need doing.

Meanwhile, the coffee is yummy and the sun is out!

I hope everyone has a fantastic day!


Jaime said...

Love that firey colour Care! You should make yourself one!

novadesigns said...

I love it! The back is so nice too. I love how you curled the band!

Coffee sounds good and the weather is really nice here in Philly too. I might make a pot and sit on my stairs and ponder :o)

CarolynArtist said...

HI Jaim HI Tess! Thanks, it was fuuun to playing tith color!

yeah...ponder...can't go wrong with that act! :-)

ckdowns said...

Awesome ring, Care--I'm with Jaime--you SHOULD create one just for you. I LOVE what you did with the band--those extra curls on the sides. Good for you! Hope you enjoyed your Sunday!

Burnt Mill Candles and Soap said...

great design on that ring! :)

CarolynArtist said...

Caroline! Now I'm seriously contemplating keeping the other one I have listed it says October on the inside and has golds, it's a perfect fit! Ooooo I think the Romans made rings like my recent one? :-)
Thanks, oh Burnt Mill Candles, may I ask your proper name? I do not want to call you Soap, or Burnt, :P

李小龍Paul said...
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