Monday, November 9, 2009

Day Off...My Curious Adventures...

...inside my own thoughts...
oh okay I'll spare you those, someone told me (more than once) that I am tangential. I took it as a negative criticism, and now I'm happy to say it's just the way my brain works, it just is what it is.

Blast from the past photo
Outer Banks, NC inside an indie coffee shop bathroom, I lovet this sign! I'll go back for vaca next Spring just to sit and look at this sign!!!

As I type this I'm multitasking, I'm in the midst of knit 1, purl 1 (row 1, row 2)Knit, Knit, (rows 3 & 4), repeat. (moss stitch) really...I'm on the couch in front of our big flat screen...

A movie just started which I've seen about 5 times in the past...gosh Angelina Jolie has long limbs. The art and wardrobe in this movie is very moving. The movie is hard to watch for its subject matter, but its well made. (I admit I'd like a pair of roller skates and a 1 level house to do chores ~ the way the ladies in the 1930s did at work~ portrayed in this movie, wow)

The dryer is going I can hear the clothes and the pink dryer ball pounding away inside the barrel.

It's hard to believe just 4 hours ago I was perusing the aisles at Target for various products. I did remember to separate out AutumnLeavesJewelry from my regular purchases. (not that I go out and shop very often)

I'm contemplating dyeing my own hair again, I bought the right box this time, a warm tone, I know I can do this I know i Can! My greys are coming in thick and i would love a simple, reasonably priced lift.

There's a moment when my hot tea is just the perfect temperature, and I think I just had that sip! (I'm a fan of mint and licorice teas) in the afternoon and evening hours.

I've promised myself 2 days off, and I usually don't stick to them. This week I am. :) Convos have been answered, I do enjoy communicating about art.

Tomorrow night we go see Rob Thomas in concert with friends. We have very nice seats (by shear luck)

Wednesday I'll carpool with my friend Jodi to Old Town Alexandria to our ongoing smith class we take. I'm trusting my gut that by then I'll be recharged to put my soul and sweat into some new pieces for the shop, for you.

if you read this whole blog entry I would like to give you a hug! :-)


Jaime said...

I'll take that hug thank you!
Oh and what is this day off thing you speak of ??

CarolynArtist said...

Bella Jaim! Hugarooni! I know you hardly ever get a day off...I count my blessings!!!

Maryann said...

Hug warmly accepted Carolyn!
You're seeing Rob Thomas 'up close and personal"??? Lucky you. I love his music also but as yet, have never seen him perform live.


Linda said...

I'll collect in person tomorrow. :)

Hugs back atcha!

CheekyLemur said...

When you say you want to give your hair a lift, you don't mean in shade do you? Hope you don't. Only the roots will accept the lighter colour as you can't lighten hair with a colour on hair which is already coloured. I'm sure you already know this...just making sure.

CarolynArtist said...

Maryann, i agree his music is sooooo wonderful!
{{{Linda}}} I miss you!
oh oh Cheeky I did not know that, however, in hopes to lighten my hair -I did I did idid...but really, the only noticeable difference (as you say) is in the roots and in my greys, they seem to be a more softer, warmer dark brown. (this is why we pay professionals to do the job the right way!) at least I went Warm instead of Cool, there is no blue! :-D