Friday, November 27, 2009

Cheeky's Winning Ring and a New Item :-)

Etsy Listing for Up From the Wreck

This is a gorgeous anticlastic ring Lariat I made using one of my favorite techniques to capture a ring inside a ring, with no solder. There is 14k Yellow Gold encased in sterling silver beaded bezel. The key is from Germany (stamped Germany)I'm not sure the year. It's old. I love working with old/found objects and incorporating them into a piece that could tell a story! This reminds me of diving into a wreck and near the oceans floor a flash of light shines on this.

Here's a view of the anticlastic ring within a ring and gold cabochon

Another view

and finally, a view from above

The chain has been oxidized and is 18". The Key fits through the ring beautifully. The key measures 3" in length. Total length of the Lariat is 23 1/2". I'm going to list it later today.

Here's Ms Cheeky's Ring, not sure if she'll let me use her real first name, it's a pretty name...

Here's a ring for a very special lady who has an anniversary coming up and this will be at her door very soon! (Cheeky's ring is in the pic too) :P

While tumbling these two pretties, I was taking pics of the new lariat, and I heard this odd (yet familiar) sound from behind me. (no not that!) It was my tumbler, I knew it was time to pull them out, but I guess the machine decided on its own to unscrew itself and yep you guessed, suds and water and shot everywhere! It happens

That's all from me today.

OOoo I am having a huge sale thru Monday, if you like please check out my shop!

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CheekyLemur said...

You've been making more wonderful stuff again, the anticlastic ring looks does my ring!
Can't wait!!!

Of course you can call me Julia, I answer to lots of other things too!!

thebearaffair said...

Beautiful have been busy my dear..Hope you had a wonderful holiday, peace & love, Sal

CarolynArtist said...

Julia it is my pleasure my dear!
Sal mostly busy with family, but I guess I have squeezed in some creations in between the holidays! :-)

novadesigns said...

beautiful, Care! I really love the lariat with the old key.

Hope you had a wonderful thanksgiving. We managed to cook a turkey without any major disasters! I think I ate too much though.. I can't move...

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Tess! thank you! :-) Me too, stuffed myself, and again today! Trying to curb it a little. :P

I just listed the piece

李小龍Paul said...
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