Sunday, November 29, 2009

Anniversary Love and a Gift for You

He made pancakes for us :-) Mine was a heart, isn't it sweet? (yeah my hair has not seen a brush all day)

He made a heart for himself...tee hee hee

We had a fun brekky!

To share the joy, just guess how many years we've been married as of today, how many cats we have, how many children, along with the child's first name spelled correctly, what state we live in and win a pair of custom sized Chunky Sterling Silver stacking rings for the holidays! From me to you!

First to post all correctly wins :-)


Marty said...

I win.

Kym Hunter Designs said...

I love your jewelry and I love guessing games! I hope these are correct: 23 years married as of today, 3 cats , 1 child named Angelica and live in VA?

Jaime said...

OK im gonna try!

You have been married 23 years
you have 4 cats
you have one child
who's name is Angelica
you live in Virginia

I hope I got it all right!

Jaime said...
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CarolynArtist said...

LOL Marty! :P (just back from FILs with a big honkin load)
Kym ALMOST!!!!! )soorrryyy :-(

Jaim you got it with the 4 cats!
:-) *hugs* WIll you ping me your addy again? :P (these would make a nice gift for someone else too!)

I'll do a couple more of these before the hols!!!

thanks for participating!

Jaime said...

REALLY!?!? I actually won something! Woohoo! Will email you now!

thebearaffair said...

Happy Anniversary!! Question for you and anyone else who would like to chime in......I've never worked with gold but would like to do the spinner part of a ring with it. What gauge, color, and supplier do you use. When soldering with gold do you need to use a special solder? When you do your ball adornments what do you use and how do you attach them? Sorry but I was just curious...Have a great week!!! Hugs,

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Sal! thanks! :-)

Yes to different solders for different karats of golds. (and a different way to treat the metal as you solder, etc) I love gold, gosh I fell deeply in love with 22k Yellow. *drool* it's just so gorgeous!

Not sure what you mean about ball adornment. Do you mean with silver or gold or both?

They are very easy to solder to your piece, you just need to decide their size...are they uniform, varied, etc. Then charcoal can be your best friend!

I'll let others chime in.

Barbara Lewis said...

You crack me up! My kids just looked at me ... and I think they're implying that I'm a simpleton because I'm smiling at your blog! Happy Anniversary! It'll be 38 years for me and my beloved in March ... but we got married when we were five!

thebearaffair said...

Balls like on the pendant with the ring within the ring you just made. What gold do you use for that? What gauge do you use for the spinner rings? Thanks

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Barbara! Belly laughs are the best! LOL we got married when we were in utero, not! :p Congratulations on your many years!

Sal, I see the confusion, I thought you were speaking in general terms about a spinner ring since this was posed in my give-away post, not the post below. Doh.

I have a book I can recommend for making a spinner ring, it has calculations and everything else you will need, after that your imagination takes over and you can fly from there. Did you see my tutorials?

And yes to Solder being used to adhere all metals, NO GLUE lol...

For the anticlastic ring I used
14k Yellow gold, I made a ball using a charcoal with a round dug out area and heated the gold, it then formed a little ball.

For the spinners on the larger ring which~ was is custom order for a lady, I used 16 gauge sterling silver wire because she wanted 5 spinners and anything heavier would have weighed down the ring. The silver was rolled out from an ingot, so it was very very thick to begin with (the shank)

we can convo if you like about more intricate details! :-)

thebearaffair said...

Thanks Care, I will convo:]

CheekyLemur said...

Happy anniversary, you both look so happy together.....aaah

李小龍Paul said...
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