Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Row Row Row Your Boat

Gently down the stream...
merrily merrily merrily merrily

We had a really fun weekend over at the Eastern Shores of Delaware. Hubby and I drove out Saturday morning and came home last night. We crossed the Bay Bridge as the sun was setting, (have you ever driven over the Chesapeake Bay Bridge?), and knew we were in the DC Metro area as soon as we hit 5 lanes of traffic heading home. Coming home is always such a sweet treat!

I feel so grateful for for the orders that were placed through my Etsy shop over the weekend I'll be working today to mail those out. :-)

While away, I stumbled upon some very sweet metal pieces, utilitarian pieces that were designed with such beautiful lines, and no longer really of use today. I'll be adding them into a series of designs this next week and hope to have them ready for sale soon!


Fashionably Adorned said...

Hi Carolyn~
sounds like you had a nice weekend, can't wait to see the new designs!

susie said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend away. Lovely leaf, I can see it slowly floating downstream on a pretty fall day. Can't wait to see the new design.
P.S. Ordered some Savor this morning (boyfriend's T-shirt). Feels nice to treat myself.

Janice said...

Lovely piece Carolyn! I love how you incorporate poetry or song lyrics onto some of your work - its very nice. :)

I do the Bay Bridge frequently! love my little trips down'ne oshun hon'!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Sheri!!! Me too, I want to get to the new designs, I have the idea, the parst, lol.
Hey Susie YAY for treating yourself!!! :-)(thanks for the comment on the leaf brooch. I wore it today to test it, oooo it was nice, it closed my wool Sweeper, and was lovely)
Thanks Janice. I usually feel anxious on the bridge...not always...last night the sunset was so spectacular...
I just love the oshun hon too(as you say it!!!) Love the beach!!!

ckdowns said...

Care, this leaf is GORGEOUS!!!

The quote on there could be swaying my opinion--just got back from the South Dakota Festival of the Book held in Deadwood, in the fabulous Black Hills--saw family, too, and my mom traipsed around to the book sessions with me, took notes and everything--all kinds of authors there--I picked up a few new books, may be sending some recommendations your way one of these days.

And leaves!!! A few oak and birch leaves came home with me, just for fall "decorating"--and acorns!!!!! EVERYWHERE--usually the squirrels get them, but there might just be too many to all get hoarded up this winter--I tucked a few acorns in my pocket--can't wait to wear my new shiny one!!!!!!

Okay, back to your leaf and other new designs...I'm looking forward to seeing them in your shop. And thanks for the great sale on Sunday night...I could have kept going, except for that little obstacle known as a "budget"--do you know there are only 12 weeks left this year????? (We do everything by the week, not the day, here at the news office.) So, here's to great holiday sales!!!!

Glad to hear about your visit to the ocean--traveling is good for the soul and spirit!

Long post with lots of exclamation points...can you tell I just met our press deadline for the week??


CarolynArtist said...

Caroline! Black Hills? I've never been, shame on me ya know? I must go to see Santee Reservation, burial sites, and the beauty of that area!
Books and authors? Sounds like a fantastic time! (aw and family too)
Lol about all the !!!!'s<----
Glad to hear you met your deadline. My ringadingdings are all in the tumbler, so I'm a happy camper at the mo.
Only 12 weeks left? Egad, that means less than that for Christmas!!!
That's hilarious about the acorns. We have so many suirrels filling up too.
I'm pretty loopy from the hours in the studio...better stop typing till later...

Jaime said...

OH MY. Care I think that is my favorite piece you have ever made!! (ok so I love it all - but seriously, this is STUNNING!)

thebearaffair said...

Hi Care, Love the new piece - results from your latest smithing classes??:)
ck- My former superintendent is from Deadwood:)

In Zion tonight and tomorrow, Grand Canyon Thurs and home Friday - yipee!! Hugs, Sal

ckdowns said...

Care--Hope the rings came out shiny and sweet!

Sal--don't you love this small world?? Of course, I'm always amazed at the ties people have to Deadwood. I didn't grow up there--just spend lots of time with my aunt and uncle and other aunt who live near there.

And, ladies, here's one of the best ever bits of information--the Chubby Chipmunk is located in Deadwood--an AMAZING chocolate shop that specializes in truffles like you've NEVER had. They win national awards. They have a great website. AND they have a truffle vending machine outside their store for times when they're closed. I bought chocolates inside, then went outside with my mom and bought a chocolate cheesecake truffle from the machine JUST BECAUSE.

My favorite?? The dark truffle with chili/jalapeno flavor--you can't BELIEVE it!!

Google them--they're WORTH it!!!!

Care, how's that for a choccy update???? :-)

ckdowns said...

And, Sal, your trip sounds splendid!! I'd love to see those parks!!

CarolynArtist said...

Mmmm choccy, wow Caroline, Jalepeno? That would knock my socks off, ooo I could try that!
Isn't there a show on HBO called Deadwood? Hubby and I tried to watch it but there was too much modern day cussing, it didn't seem in reference to the time it was depicting. (and there's only so many shows a gal can follow!) :P
Jaim! It is, I have been playing with pin back mechanisms, made by me and other found objects, etc. It's a fun tiny world back in there. (you probably already know!)
Sal I bet you can't wait to rest your head on your own pillow. you've been gone for a long time!!!

Willow Branch said...

I love your leaf & it does look like it's floating down a stream. Wasn't there a book or a mvie that had little mice floating down a stream on a leave?? Was it a dream? Who knows. Anyway, I love the piece & the movement you've created.


CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Pam! I think there may have been, sounds familiar...mouse on a leaf...
loving the pin back variations too :-)

I LOVE being an artist! (and the book I'm reading, and my family and friends...)

inhaled a lot of fumes from the class today (studio smith class) it was a