Thursday, October 8, 2009


I need it but I crave creativity. This is difficult. To admit to yourself you NEED to slow down, to say STOP take a rest. I began a piece yesterday (a pendant), it just evolved into this stream of what I feel will be such a gorgeous piece. This morning I sat down to work on it some more, and suddenly all of my bones started to feel so tired. I realized that I have been going and going and not resting enough. (There is no stress from my art, it's a different kind of tired, the kind that comes from just working and working to the point where you cannot hammer one more time before you lay down to recharge.) If you write, or paint, or sew, or knit, you proabaly know what I mean.

The piece I mention(from yesterday) reminds me a bit of art you would find in Africa, or possibly pieces of the cave paintings found in Lascaux. (aren't those just etched into your memory?)

Sometimes I do wonder...what was the person thinking when she/he put that pigment to the walls? I always wonder. And I often wonder about people who lived in those caves- what where their thoughts around dusk, when the light from the sun dances around- descending close to the horizon, casting those shadows, the ones that move, from trees and leaves and branches~ onto walls, faces and the ground. Did they believe it was a Divine being/or beings~ creating such a gorgeous silent symphony? We'll never know...and that's a wonderful thing, to know that science cannot answer every possible question.

So I'm going to nap and rest today, and hope to work at my craft tomorrow...It's so hard for me to let go of the creative process and trust it will still be there when I return to it.

I hope everyone reading this has a wonderful day, at least some belly laughs, and a warm hug!


susie said...

Recharge those batteries - have a wonderful day.
p.s. Jillian's ring looks lovely on you. So many wonderful artisans out there- it inspires me to see such well crafted pieces (wearing my spinner today, so comfy while I'm working, I barely know I'm wearing it).
p.p.s. Love those colors swirling around in your sketch pad.

sassyglassdesigns said...

Hey Care...I know exactly how you feel; I was feeling it myself today so I just decided to do nothing creative. I just burn out some doesn't last long but it hits me like a ton of bricks. Relax and enjoy the quiet...I'm going to.