Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Peek Into The Studio In Alexandria, VA

Pics of little areas of the studio where I attend smith classes in Old Town Alexandria, usually it is full of other people (and our instructor) but Jodi and I somehow found a little time to ourselves. (our outfits are a bit matching, we don't know why :O)
Also...see the vents near the torches? I want that! I want some stumps! I guess I'll just keep going to class until they kick me out~ there is so much to offer and receive from fellow artisans during a full day of instruction!

Big Flame

Little Flame

Jodi Rocking a Ring at the wood stumps, I would like a wood stump in my studio! This is where you can find her awesome work!

::Lil EDIT::
I just took these, it's 11, and it's cccccold in my studio, see my hoodie? Also, my hair has not seen a comb or brush yet, I just had leftover pizza (cold) for a late breaky, and and THRILLED my flux arrived yesterday, along with some other new goodies, in the form of tools.
I rock the paste's just how I learned...

Sing Along!
And the wheels on the Lazy-susan go round and round...(Susie, you are not lazy!)
I will not divulge to you guys what I was using before I procured this necessary item...only 2 people know! (it's not pretty)

I have a feeling today will go like this
shower-More coffeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
Sing in my most off-key voice because, sadly, it's all I got!
HIIIIIIIIIIIIiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii hi hihihih HI!


sassyglassdesigns said...

What a cool place to create. Don't you think that having really neat, creative things around you make you feel more creative. We live on 40 acres of woods - come on over and cut you a stump!

I love the idea of the vents by the torch...I have a hood and vent over my glass area but not my smith area...hmmm!

CarolynArtist said...

Sandi, lol I would love a stump. If I ordered one from you and had it mailed, can you imagine the postage? :P
I've noticed a lot of smiffers/writers/artists seem to live out in the wild. (and it is seeming to make more sense!)
Though I would miss my easy fast commute to the book stores, DC, other states, but would LOVE to give up the bumper to bumber driving!
and ooOOOOOooo girl, I would have a fan blowing by me with that big torch!!!

Jodi Flood said...

Care--Am I crazy for enjoying getting to watch you open your Rio Grande package? Still waiting for mine to be delivered and put in a new order to Otto Frei last night. It's like waiting for birthday presents to arrive every time I order!

I've got a line on a stump for you! Last month, I asked my friend (the one who built my workbenches) if he knew where I could get one. He said that in the autumn he chops and sells fire wood-- "Just let me know how tall you want your stump." I didn't ask his price, but am sure he could get one for you two...

Maybe he should send over some firewood, too--so you can warm up that studio of yours!

Jaime said...

I love the pics Care! I wish I had room for a stump here, it would be so handy... its gonna have to wait till we can move. I've never used paste flux myself, I learned with liquid - any reason you like it more ?

CarolynArtist said...

omgosh Jodi, for some reason you have me laughing so it todays fumes? YES to the stump from your friend. I know Nick said something about a way to cure it. (Sandra has one) How to fit it in the mini, I'll just move any and all golf items from it, ha ha- would he put the divot/round depressions in i too???....I think it would fit :O Please ask him!!! And yes, I was spinning my official smithing lazy-susan earlier with my torch, wow. What a difference!
Jaim! I learned both ways, liquid and paste, the liquid was sort of green as I recall...I think. The paste because it will stay in place and when it gets to that ice skating shiny surface I know what to do other reason really. I also am a fan of cutting my own solder. I'm off to check out your blog,
I know you're listing a new ring today! :)

Dana/WiredDesign said...

That studio looks AWESOME! I'm jealous...

Willow Branch said...

Wow!! You were a really big girl's torch. I would love a stump too & I remember reading something about how to cure it & I think it takes something like a year & then it may still crack.

I rock the paste flux too. I fill up a little film cansister with the flux that I'm using then keep refilling it from the big container. It keeps my flux cleaner, I think.

I wish you would have shown more of opening your goodies..I can't buy anything right now, so I'm living vicarious through everyone else.


CarolynArtist said...

lol Dana, I WISH it was all mine mine then I would be lonely, it's sooo nice to be around other artists, you know? (and have a real live instructor) who recently reminded me aloud that I was "air filing" doh.
Pam I saw your blog you sold those amazing earrings...WOOT! :-)

CarolynArtist said...

LOL Pam, sometime I will have a big girls torch at home!!!

thebearaffair said...

On my recent trip, I was fortunate enough to get to visit with a Navajo silversmith in one of the parks. He used the stump and it was the first time I'd seen that. He also uses a large piece of lave stone to solder on and said it retains the heat very well. Tell me more about the stump and what you will use it for. He used his for forming his metal like a dapper tool. What did you use for a lazy susan before you got the new one and where did you get the new one??? I'm just full of questions today aren't I. I'm sitting in front of this computer until thenoisyplume uploads today:)Have a great weekend- Hugs, Sal

thebearaffair said...

That would be lava rock:)

CarolynArtist said...

Lol (until thenoisyplume uploads!) Hi Sal! Welcome home! I'm having my 2nd day off of the week (tues&fri) thought today has been very trying. My head is doing its best to connect up with the Tylenol I took earlier. Gosh, its as if I don't even need a vise, my head is in one! :p (you know those days?)
Anywho that is awesome you were able to hang out with a native artist. I would love to know more about the lava rock. Sometimes I use charcoal pieces under a ring, or a piece to help retain heat while torching.
The stump is exactly as you describe it. Notice the one in my photo of Jodi has a vise attached? You can attach all kinds of neato tools and that stump just lets you whack the heck out of it. You can use that vise to put various metal forming pieces for raising, folding etc...There are several stumps at the studio where I attend class. Sometimes several of us are sitting around them tap tapping away. I hope that answers your question!
I'll tell you about the lazy susan in private *BLUSH* with follow-up blushes.
I got mine at Rio, it's wonderful, it looks similar to the ones in the photos where I have the torch. They come with the pumice rock, you can heat directly onto the rock, or put charcoal on the rock to do your work, or a solder pad. The variations seem endless. The reason for the turning is to heat the piece evenly, which (as you know) is so important with silver. I think my cost was about 40-50$ for it. (totaly heat resistant and meant for what we do to it)
I can only imagine how much solder, silver and gold pieces (little ones) are lost over time down into those lil rocky areas!
Hope that all helped. Next time you come by this way you can work on a piece! :D

thebearaffair said...

Thanks so m much. I'll be out that way after Thanksgiving for a week or so. I would love a tour of your studio in Alexandria and would love to work together for a day or so. I have so much to learn and don't have the availability of the studio like you do - lucky you!! I keep checking Jill's shop and as always, I blown away one morre time:) Cheers, Sal Hope your head clears up soon - not fun.