Saturday, October 17, 2009

Nigh Night lil golf ball markers

we had joy
we had fun
we had stampings on the run!

I've been teetering on letting this cute (and sentimental) item go. Now it is done. I think (thanks to my hubby, who would probably eat sand in order to play golf) my little markers may have been the first on Etsy. (if not, somewhere around there)
The justification in making (what may seem to others) as such mundane items was the connection (always the connection) from artist to buyer. I love hearing about why and who and what it means.

Last June, during Fathers Day month (here in the US) my little markers were featured, on super sale, in an Etsy Fathers Day promotional email. Thanks to my favorite Etsy admin Mary (marymary) (if you are ever in a pickle, or have a question, she's your gal!!!) I had somewhere between 60-70 orders come thru. It was lovely, and it was tiresome, to be totally honest. Word of warning to you sellers who wish (in some fashion) to be featured: If you are featured, be prepared to work your hiney off!

The more creative area (nook, ante-chamber, wherever it is) of my brain is aching for more creative (and kinetic) freedom. So...with that said, I'm going to put the little markers to rest.

If you are looking for Golf Ball Markers on Etsy, there are some great ones displayed in the Men and Father Gift Guides. You can also just type in Golf Ball Maker. Another wonderful thing, these shops are selling their markers at a lower cost than I was. Double woot! (I'm not sure if they will come with the likings of my handmade swanky and cute oragami envelope with super cute ribbon and a blank card - I already miss packaging them!)

It's a freeing feeling to decide to edit out a beloved piece that has been a sort of 'staple' in my shop to keep my creative time open.

I'm laying under 4 blankets on my couch, getting ready to make brownies for dessert, we're heading over to friends house later for dinner. It's rainy and darky and dreary here lately. I'm not complaining because I have everything I need to stay warm, and eat choccy.

Recently, I've finished some more pieces for you to check out. When the sun shines a bit I'll get pics and list them.


Hubby's heating me some soup, earlier I made us a yummy breakfast with multiwheat pancakes (and I completed it with real maple syrup!) It's a very foodie day for us.



Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

I have discontinued things in my shop before, and it is a relief sometimes. I do get tired of making the same things over and over. Good for you!

CarolynArtist said...

Ah Tammy you understand!!! yes it does feel good.

Willow Branch said...

I can't believe you're retiring you little golf ball markers, but I understand. I saw how many orders you were getting around Fathers Day & felt a bit sorry for you. All of that stamping. I made a marker by request for a friend of mine. He gave me a plastic marker that he had been using & asked if I could make him one in silver. It was one of the tiny ones with the little peg at the back. He really liked the marker & I was think about throwing one in my shop to see how they would sell. What do you think?
Kevin also wanted me to try to make a silver green repair tool. I figured it would be too pricey to buy silver at that gauge. I think I would need 12 or 14 gauge sheet. $$$

Love maple syrup!!!


ckdowns said...

Aaaah, letting go, moving on...I'm impressed!! Good for you, giving yourself room to grow!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the send-off you're giving these little markers--with song and poetry, and a "lovely" vintage picture. :-)

You have SUCH style, even when saying farewell!!

CarolynArtist said...

*hands Caroliine a brownie, and cooold milk!* I had to say goodbye, you know? They ran their course (<---get it? :P)
Pam I think you could do very very well! I'll convo you all my little trade tips for making and selling these babies! They really are fun to make, I don't want to give the wrong impression. They are an excellent staple item for any smith shop!!!