Tuesday, October 13, 2009

More Rings

New News!
I'll be making a custom wedding ring in 14k Rose Gold with spinners and hope to show you the results soon. I feel so grateful for another opportunity to make such a special ring for someones special day!
Oh She Spins!

Fond memories of this ring, remember when I upgraded the little silver balls to golds for a customer? I'd like to redo more of these, though it will be hard to find a piece of turquoise so lucious, maybe it's the time of year recalling all those chunky turquoise rings my grandmother wore. Happy memories!

The weather is turning a tad chilly. I brought my beloved Hibiscus plant inside yesterday. It sits in the kitchen and oh I do believe she loves to be closer to the family. It was a Mothers Day gift from my daughter a few years ago.

Recently I worked in my studio without stopping for much...I did eat lunch, in the kitchen and did pause for hot tea in the late afternoon...hope to show you the results of my day soon!


sassyglassdesigns said...

Beautiful rings. I made my first spinner ring based on your tutorial - they are so much fun to make - thanks for sharing your knowledge.

CarolynArtist said...

Sandi you did? Is it on your blog? I can't wait to see it. Isn't it fun??? (glad I could help *blushing*) Seriously, it's like a whole new world isn't it???

susie said...

I can't wait to see the newest wedding rings- I just think that is the coolest!

Jaime said...

I remember when you made both those rings for the first time! I loved the gold balls next to the turquoise, when you remade that ring :-)

CarolynArtist said...

I like the remake better too Jaim! thanks :)(did you see the link with the comments? it shows a progression...) Susie it's for the bride only. Not matching this time! :-) Which is fine...it still feels warm and fuzzy-like!

Magpie's said...

Another wedding ring! That's awesome, Carolyn! How cool is it that you can be the maker of such an important keep sake?! Someday a great granddaughter will be wondering about all the memories that ring holds--and its history will have begun in your studio. Is there some special candle-lit ritual that you do to charge wedding rings with extra special good wishes for health and happiness?

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Jodi! (Ms Magpie) I'm up early, coffee in hand, showered and dressed awaiting your arrival for CLASS :P (don't rush I'm not packed!)
I do no such ritual, I just make the rings ma'am...and I do mean I looooorve to make these rings! (can't wait to show you what I half finished (rings&pendant) with my scraped flux, yes scraped, as in what we do when we are jonesin for peanut butter and in our jammies and who wants to drive to the store for more?) My arrival of new flux will be today! (enter start of Simpsons tv show music)