Thursday, September 17, 2009

New Listings in my Etsy Shop

2 items, just Listed :-)

Autumns Leaf Brooch etsy Shop Listing

Grandma's Brooch

I found this stone a while back and fell hard for it. It reminds me a tad of my 6's, 7's and 9's Pendant (if you care to peruse my sold pages you will find it). It also has that old timey look and color of the dishes my grandmother would have used back in the 40s or 50s.

I love and miss my grandma with every breath.

This is a pretty green stone set into sterling silver with 14k Yellow, 18k Yellow and 14k Rose golds. The pin back mechanism is also sterling silver, my mark is on the back. (see second photo for back shot)

it's a very dark, cloudy, drizzly day here, I feel so grateful to have fulfilled a couple of recent Etsy orders. I was also able to finally get a photo of this spinner ring, which just went out the door for a certion special someone :-)

(this is a triple spinner ring made in rose and yellow golds with sterlin silver...)


Willow Branch said...

Gorgeous pieces & could you have packages the spinner ring any more beautiful. I love the ribbon & leaves, it just gorgeous. If the ring wasn't so awesome, I'd probably just want to keep it like it is.


Willow Branch said...

* I meant beautifully*


CarolynArtist said...

Thank you Pam! I'm not sure why it takes me time to list my items instead of just putting up the photos and doing it. I tend to think about them for a while (?) Maybe I'm making sure they are ready to leave the nest...
dunno...but I do know it's time for hot choccy!

Willow Branch said...

I just threw, (literally threw one piece) 6 pieces into the tumbler. I gotta get more pieces in my shop. No rush for picture taking sun to be seen. I'm thinking of putting on the kettle & having a spot of pomegranate tea.