Wednesday, September 23, 2009


(lobby view of The Torpedo Factory in Alexandria, VA. I would love to say this is where the studio is located, but we are in an annex building a few blocks away)

My 3rd year of Metal Smith classes start today. Like a kid in a candy shop all the pretty things go round and round in my imagination - things like the following:

ginormous anvils
electric rolling machines
Patterns on metals
Rows of huge torches
Stumps, yes tree stumps, several of them
every kind of hammer you could love
Dapping thingies
this thingie and that thingie and more thingies

The hardest part is climbing out of my warm bed and into the world of maneuvering the best traffic flow to drive. Alexandria is not that far away, it would be a fun fast drive if it weren't for all the other vehicles :P

I'll drive pass the Pentagon, Arlington National Cemetery (all those brave souls), and over to my left, across the Potomac our various memorial buildings- Washington Monument, etc...

...and downtown Alexandria is rich with history and it is so inspiring!

Have a wonderful day!


ckdowns said...

Have fun!!

Learn lots!!

And drive safely. :-)

You sound so excited.....

Willow Branch said...

I hope you have a great time & learn you some new stuff to tell us about. I would love to take a metalsmithing class, but can't seem to find one around here.


Janice said...

oooh, I am SO jealous!! Sounds fabulous! I wish you tons of fun and success! :)

Jaime said...

My favorite are the thingies with the thingies that have those thingies on them ;-p

susie said...

Enjoy - learn- use every tool you can get your little hands on! Wishing you a good day.

sassyglassdesigns said...

I so envy your classes; I love learning about something I love doing but alas...not too many, none to be exact, metalsmith classes in my area.

CarolynArtist said...

Oh you guys I had such a blast! Jaim it was overload, and the thingies were the best part! Pam come up and stay with me for a month and we'll drive in together!

Janice you live in MD don't you???

Susie I have the hardest part standing/sitting still during a group lesson. I start to twitch...then I grab the bathroom key so I can release some energy (walking, not 'that' lol)

Sandi, I have some tips on getting a nice round, sturdy and springy coil thingie on our hand made pin backs! (I'll be listing a very cute Acorn brooch tomorrow)If you want to eamil me I'd be happy to try and explain how to get that long end in those pretty circles :P

new kind of liver of sulfur was introduced, it's a gel, I didn't likey too much

It's a multi-level/individual on going group class, with full instructions for newbies- and each week a focus on a project, so it's always a great experience. It's well worth sitting in stop-and-go traffic and watching the guy to the left of me dig for gold up his nose, gosh!!!

Guess what? I"m eating Joe Joes again!:P


CarolynArtist said...

...and are lucky you have open roads!!! I bet you don't see many people digging for gold!!!

Andrea said...

Oh, Carolyn. Lucky you! I actually lived in Alexandria until 2001. Wish I had been into jewelry making at the time - what a great resource. I love the Torpedo Factory! Fun, fun, fun!

Jodi Flood said...

Sorry I missed spending the day with you in class... Next week I'm THERE! See you soon!

CarolynArtist said...

Andrea how could you leave such a pretty pretty area? (were you here in Sept of that year?) Nice to hear from you as always! :)
Jodi, you were missed, I told Nick about you going to the Thomas Mann class and he knew...I was showing him the book I bought (I think you brought it over when you were here)
BTW the class is packed!!! Howard wasn't there, Caroline wasn't there, I barely got a seat in my little 'space' you know the space over by teachers station?, come early! Oh, and it would be SO COOL to carpool from my area, if ya feel like it! We could HOV and split the parking lot fee...

Andrea said...

Hi Carolyn, I grew up in McLean. Alas, my husband (from England) never really took to the DC area. After graduate school we moved back to the DC area - lived in DC for 2 years, Alexandria for 4 (we moved in early fall that year), and Middletown Md (up near Frederick) for another 4. Then to Maine for a year. Now in PA - outside Philly since then. I loved Maine, but DC is still home to me.

CarolynArtist said...

Andrea, then you certainly know the maddening traffic and pace of this area! PA is sooo pretty! (I sort of fell for Pittsburgh) At least you are driving distance to 'home' :-)

Andrea said...

I have to say - I drive to Philly for work 3x a week, and I can never get over what rush hour is here. (I did metro from DC and Alexandria - I miss mass transit.) It used to take me 2 hours each way when we lived in MD. 45-50 minutes door to door seems like nothing.