Saturday, September 12, 2009

Flower Girl Necklaces for Fall Wedding in Canada

These were made as eco-friendly as possible. I used the old egg and baggie trick for the oxidation and I do believe they turned out fine.

The wedding is coming up soon, and the bride decided ribbons on the girls necklaces would be a sweet way to set a clasp. So, chocolate brown and eggplant ribbons, along with pretty pretty names and a few of my own touches, voila, the necklaces are complete :)

I kept the ribbons a wee long in case they would like to resize (cut back) the length. The chains are 16" so clasps can be added later if the girls wish. (pssst one of these is for an 8 month old) I was GIDDY to do these!

Hope you like. :-)

I planted these succulent flowers in a large container a couple of years ago, each fall it blooms. I have no idea what they are except they do not require too much care, which, with my semi-green thumb is a plus. The other day there were scads of bees on the flowers, it was an awesome sight to behold! (as you can see my butterfly bush from below the deck needs trimming back)


susie said...

Care- your flowers are sedum, and they are beautiful. The flower girl necklaces are lovely- I had a hard time with the egg trick, the oxidation was very spotty and hit or miss, maybe I didn't cover the piece up enough or leave it long enough? I need to try it again. Enjoy the weekend.

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Susie, I knew there was a name! I'm working this weekend. hope to see you on FB for breeeeaks!

Willow Branch said...

Very pretty flowers & those girls are going to love their necklaces. No Little Kitty or Cinderella here, these are grown up necklaces. Beautiful job.


CarolynArtist said...

Aww thank you Pam! She can cut the ribbons back to the length she likes too. And, yup grown up necklaces! I hope to add ribbons to some upcoming pieces too. It adds versitility. Hey Pam, oh crap I forgot what I was going to say, and it would have been profound. (drats)

hubby's out getting choccy? Could that be what I was going to say? no, I don't think it was...gosh...

ckdowns said...

Care, these are cute TIMES TEN!!!!!! Are you going to list them in your shop?? Boy, I'd like to be a flower girls again, and wear one of these.....


Your sedum looks lovely--I've got lots around here, different types, mostly planted in crummy soil on the hot south side of the house--it thrives, even with neglect, drought and weeds--and the chickens digging around it!!

Hope you're having a great weekend--sweetened with chocolate!! :-)

ckdowns said...

P.S. You'll love this...I was mowing a little tonight--making salad for the turkeys (they adore fresh-cut grass) and I almost crashed the mower into a tree while watching a shadow darner dragonfly check out a spruce tree for bugs. At least I had a CLOSE view of the darner!! Then a ladybug hitched a ride until I finished--better than a grasshopper!!!! :-)

CarolynArtist said...

LOL Caroline! I'm glad you didn't crash into the tree! :P What would you say to the insurance company? (it sounds like you were nature texting to me!)
I'm not sure if I'll list these. There are soooo many stampers on Etsy right now, with better fonts :-/
not to leave this on a negative note, I'm debating whether to work in the studio or garden this morning, BOTH are fun... :-)