Monday, September 14, 2009

Come read with me?

oh gosh oh gosh the books arrived. I did not lick them, but have opened and smelled each of them. Mmmmmm visions of libraries, and work benches, coffee tables from rich ladies homes with a hint of the occasional cinnamon bun and hot coffee emanates from their pages.

I won't bore you with ALL the titles.
How could I pass up the most garish cover on a book of gold? This red cover with its bits of black (strewn here and there) reminds me of a very scary bullfight I saw as a child in Barcelona, Spain. (Oh okay, it reminds me mostly of the garish towel I had as a souvenir from that trip) I did see the bullfights, but I remember the towel more dearly.
Chapter 3 title is-
From the Fall of Rome to the Renaissance
Chapter 4 just fell out, eh who cares because the pages do have numbers. And I think it’s charming there are less than ¼ inch worth of pages from chapter 3 to chapter 4, with the ugly cover and all what did I expect? (btw the uglier the cover the more interestiing)
I did purchase Dave Eggers new book, it's going to be hard to's about a man from the Katrina disaster. I read everything that man writes (for the public) it would be interesting to dive into his personal journals, if he keeps them, don’t you think?
Ooooo a fat coffee table sized book on ironwork and Sculpture from the art deco period is full of pictures, and more pictures, with some text, have I mentioned it has pictures yet? (This artist will be adding some art deco era design to her pieces soon.)
My big build up (I'm hoping to have created) is an invite to come read with me. We'll have hot cocoa, marshmallows and free refills. Feet up on the big coffee table, shoes off, no stinky socks please, and we'll pass the books around and discuss the babble. Maybe roll a sentence off our tongues because it's so outstanding, weird or moving.

Just because...
'Good Enough'


Willow Branch said...

If you only knew how much I love Evanescence. She has one of the most haunting voices ever. I love the smell of old books & used bookstores too. Enjoy your new treasures.


susie said...

Your new books sound awesome - I have serious book love. I will think of you tonight when I put the little ones to bed and read.
p.s. So cool that you have actually been to Barcelona-the closest I ever got to a bull fight was the ceramic bull and velvet bullfighter painting we had in our living room in the '70s. Went so well with our red velvet drapes and shag carpet.
P.S. Love her voice.

Willow Branch said...

susie..LOL!!! That's about as close as I've been to a bull fight, except it was in my cousins house.


CarolynArtist said...

LOL about the ceramic bulls! I love Amy Lees voice too, wow she just keeps getting better and she's so young. (yay for all of us!)
I miss thick shag carpeting
...and...alas I cannot sleep...HI
you guys one of the books I have is from the 1960s, it's for tradesmen/craftsmen on metal working. All the techniques are what we use today. How many books do we buy which repeat the same instructioins? o_0 The gallery pics are always nice. Though this has a how-to section, there's a funky ashtray/cigarette pack holder combo out of metal. If anyone wants me to scan it I will. It's pretty funny...

Willow Branch said...

Scan it!! I'd love to see it.