Thursday, August 27, 2009

The Work Before The Vacation

does anyone else know what I mean?

Here's what I've got so far this morning,
Cleaned 1 bathroom
Cat Boxes
Fed older kitties their special food
Started Laundry
Listing things to pack
Showered and ran to Starbucks (which I don't normally do, spend such lavish $ on myself, but we were out of coffee after only 2 cups!)

I rock my hot drinks with a straw, it's odd, but I just do.

The pickle is heating up in my studio, my studio is a huge mess but I have some shiny pieces to make as pressies for some pretty girls out west.

I noted as I drove back from my mini errand
WEED the front...

This is me typing backwards, which I really can't do properly, however, I can turn my feet almost all the way around so they are facing my back, oh yes I can! Can Wonder Woman do that?

I feel like a mad woman on the loose! (please do not transpose any of those words!)

There are several Hibiscus flowers in full bloom out front, I'll get pics later...for now I must channel this energy away from cleaning this house and into some metal work.

HI hi HI!!!


Janice said...

I wish I had a FRACTION of your energy!! Enjoy your vaca! :)

janedeaux said...

Wonder woman can't even make jewelry like you!

I also drink my coffee with a straw! My friends think I am weird BUT I always end up dribbling on myself so a straw keeps me and my teeth properly clean :)

Enjoy your well deserved vacation :)

Dana/WiredDesign said...

Yes, it is always a MAD rush for us prior to vaca as well! Enjoy your time off Care!

susie said...

coffee through a straw - genius! That must be your secret to getting so much done. I think we all do that mad dash before we leave. Take care, travel safe, have fun.

Gina said...

Thought you were supposed to be relaxing? This doesn't sound like relaxing to me.

CarolynArtist said...

Jane that's exactly why I do it! I hate coffee dribble on my shirt, pants and hands! :P
Ladies meet my cousin Gina, Gina these are my friends, they are smithers/artists (so am I busted?) how did you find my blog...well...I'm a soldering fool...but I think I'm about to go out front and pull weeds. Work this coffe outta me :O)

thebearaffair said...

I MUST learn to drink coffee - need the extra energy!!

CarolynArtist said...

I just found a piece of Kentucky Agate I purchased a while back. It is saying
"make me a bezel!"
It's interesting, it's muted grays and browns with a trace of bright orange...the sides are so perfect and thick and well finished I might do a turtle bezel.

ckdowns said...

You nut! The work BEFORE vacation is always crazy--keep that coffee coming!

And, hello Gina, from the prairie!

Gina said...

Hi all! Carolyn is my study break, I keep checking in on her exciting life to give my poor mind a rest. I'm in the prairie lands too - mid Illinois. Doesn't get much flatter than here.

lisaslovlies said...


CarolynArtist said...


CheekyLemur said...

If drinking coffee through a straw is anything like drinking beer through a straw, then I know exactly why you're bouncing off the walls!

CarolynArtist said...

LOL Cheeky, well, I only drink water, soda and hot coffee thru my straws!

My last coffee was hours and hours, part of this is just me...which means tomorrow I may drag? :P