Sunday, August 16, 2009

When plans change... roll with the punches.
Hubby is sick as a sad dog. Coughing and coughing he looks pitiful I know he wants to race today, I want to race, I'd rather see him get better. We stayed in last night, watched a movie, went to bed early to nurse his cough and hoped he'd be healthier today. We packed
bottled water
made some trail mix
sandwich fixins
double shot espresso in a can from Charbucks
sun screen
chairs (which is usually silly as we barely use them)
racing gear
the cooler is out and ready on its wheels.
The racing tires will not be bothered today.

Instead, I've got the big guy down on the couch, kleenex, water, (coffee), cereal with fresh blueberries...and the remote to watch the golf tourney later.

Call me old fashioned, I won't go without him. So, I'm playing nurse for the day, and will be smithing upstairs, running out to pick up dry cleaning, yada yada yada.

Will post some pics later of some new items for the shop.

Yesterday we had a really nice lunch with my dad. It's always good to see him and hear about his upcoming plans. (he is one busy guy)
Here we are at our favorite Saturday lunch place, Clydes, outside...


jmiller398 said...

Thank you for taking such good care of me dear nurse DW.

CarolynArtist said...

YW DH, sleep tight, I'll wake you for the end of the golf tourney

Willow Branch said...

Hope hubby feels better soon..... summer colds really suck. I know you both really wanted to race today, but another time you will.
Glad you had a nice time with Dad, you two look great happy. Looking forward to the things you get hammered out today. Haha!!


CarolynArtist said...

Lol Pam, no more hammering till later, I sure hope I can! I did manage to hammer out some earrings which will be listed soon. But I'm being sooo quiet for him.
Yes it sucks that we gave up a race, I really wanted to drive fast. I may have to sneak off and swim laps, something to release this tiger, arrrrrrrrrrrrrr...(apprently I'm a pirate and a tiger)
Oh thanks, my dad is special to me, welll, like...duh :P

bella-bijoujewellery said...

boo about racing, but you wouldn't enjoy yourself the same with out hubby, its something you do together!

Hope you are feeling better Mr. Care!

ckdowns said...

All my best to Mr. Carolyn--both Doug and I had a round with that stuff, and it STINKS!! Especially in the summer!!! I didn't even want to eat chocolate!!!!!!

Care, there's a Mini-Cooper commercial that comes on during our regional 10 pm news--they've been showing it the past week or so--now I think of you whenever I see it. :-) You are a GOOD person to stay home and be a nurse--pat yourself on the back and then go deliver some more cough medicine/tissues/chicken soup/whatever it takes!!

CarolynArtist said...

Bella Jaim (I just realized that's mixing Italian and French) thanks. I could have slapped at the air all morning I was so amped up to go :O SO I made earrings :) I need to check your shop, I know you've been working at the bench!!!
Caroline! He turned away coffee earlier, can you imagine? I hope I don't get it, it looks so miserable. (sorry you guys had it!)
I need to see that ad, what's the ad?
My friend offered for me to race in her car, and saint that I am (not) I stayed would do the same for me...I think...o_0

ckdowns said...

It's just a cool little ad with two mini coopers--different colors--driving around in circles against a black background--very simple, very FAST--they don't even show any drivers. I think they need to add YOU--your enthusiasm would sell more cars. :-)

So what did he think of the end of the golf tournament?

CarolynArtist said...

way too kind! :-) I still want a yellow Mini with Charlie Brown racing stripes!

Hubby was a little out of it when the Win came in. We were both so happy for Yang! He made history! Yay! (I admit I cried when I saw him go directly to his wife and hug her)