Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Seating a Prairie Agate Stone into a Silver Bezel

Hi guys, this is what I was working on yesterday. I'll be 'seating' it today. I'm done sawing, filing, pickling, neutralizing the pickle on the piece and am happy with the overall design

Next step....build the seat for the bezel so she doesn't rock. Rocks that rock in their bezel are not so much fun. (The silver will be totally cleaned up before I seat the stone.) I also have a sweet cut-out on the back side because this is one gorgeous little stone and the wearer will see it on both sides.

This is a custom piece requested from a sweet gal out in the prairie, and because it's a custom order, it's so much more wonderful to create.

Oh and on the home front, hubby is back at work! My life here in the studio will be easier, and the big guy is definitely on the mend. It was a busy weekend working, taking care of him and other chores (I know you guys have been there, done that!)

Also, I dyed my hair yesterday, again an attempt to avoid very high cost of going to the salon. My hair has an interesting blue tint to it. I noticed this morning the blue is only in some areas. I'm wondering if this occurred because it was previously hilited. (I'm learning as I go.) Oh, and thanks Sheri, she's not only an awesome jeweler, she gives out great hair ER advice on FB!!!


lisaslovlies said...

Hi Care,
I am so glad Mr. Care is feeling better. It's always nice to have the house back to yourself after someone has been sick for days. The necklace is GORGEOUS. I need to try to start doing cut outs on the backplates of lighter stones, I have never attempted it. Your hair probubly has a bit too much ash tone, I am almost certain the blue hue will be gone after about a week, maybe sooner!

Wireddesign by Dana said...

Aw - love the little heart cutout, Care!

CarolynArtist said...

Lisa it has left me feeling tired (hubby being sick!) I've washed my hair many times since yesterday, now I'm just gonna see what happens. It is jet black. :O
Hey Dana! It looks nice if it's done well and filed with no sharp edges. I think if the stone were'nt stabilized on both sides I might not do it. Thanks!!!

ckdowns said...

Oh boy, oh boy, these photos are awesome--that little heart cutout is so you, and the perfect touch!

And I'm so glad to hear Mr. Care is on the mend--that's always a HUGE relief!

Candace said...

Carolyn the piece is lovely. I cut out heart on the back is the perfect touch.

Willow Branch said...

The cut out on the back looks great & that stone is simply gorgeous. How do you seat a wobbly stone? I have some sea glass that I'd like to set but the backs aren't very flat.

Mr. Care back at work!! That's good news.


CarolynArtist said...

Hi ladies! The stone was provided to me by the customer, doesn't it look like a piece of vanilla and choccy Godiva? Mmmmmmm
Pam, I seat it (the inside of the bezel) so it sits how I want it. Sit stone SIT! :P I also file the bezel walls to where I want them. That's why a cut ot with a seat is perfect! (pam we can convo or email and I'll let you know in better detail about how I learned to do this, if you need, let me know!)
*waves to Candace too*
Caroline I'm thrilled you like it!!! (trying my best not to lick it)

bella-bijoujewellery said...

I love cutting little designs into the back plates of my bezels - its just adds a little something fun when the wearer turns it over! The necklace looks gorgeous care - I love the little spinner at the top, what a perfect touch!

As for the blue - I went green ( as i mentioned on facebook) when I had old highlights in my hair that I tried to dye over with a cool toned dye. My hairdresser friend told me that you never should dye over highlights or lightened hair with anything but a warm toned dye. Well you can imagine I was in to see her lickity split when the tips of my hair had this awful dishwater green cast to them. That was the last time I attempted to home dye ( that wasnt the first failure - I did have many successes too)
Glad to hear Mr. Care is on the mend :-)

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks Bella Jaim, I'm going to see a new hair dresser in a bit, we'll see what happens. I don't mind it dark, i just don't love the weird tints. I don't want to go lighter anymore, too hard to keep up with the roots, too costlly too!Maybe i need a simple trim?

Fashionably Adorned said...

Hi Carolyn~ glad my advice helped!
and Yes your right that some of the blue your seeing is on those previous hilighted pieces, as jaime's stylist said you should always "fill" in color on hilighted pieces with warm tones, otherwise it shows the base color in whatever color you use, hence the blue on your hair!! :) color is tricky but that's what I love to do!!

the necklace is gorgeous!! I love the heart cut out.. I just imagine me trying that and I would need a whole case of saw blades!! LOL I'm assuming you use your saw, if not great, even better!!
glad things are getting back to normal at your house.. later

CarolynArtist said...

well as much as I try to work around the salon, I went and had it 'done' and am so happy now! :P But I'll take your advice anytime Sheri! You are too sweet girl!

The heart cut out, yes a piercing with a saw...sometimes sawing is sooooo meditative.

Someone should do a simple vlog on the tips and techniques of sawing. Though it's one of those things that kicks in, like riding a bike, at least it felt that way to me way back.

thebearaffair said...

Beaducation.com has a great free video on the saw along wiht some other great free information like riveting, soldering and so on. some of their videos cost but they have a great list of free ones. check them out. Hugs Care and I'm happy you are happy with your hair now....I know the frustration. Sal

sassyglassdesigns said...

I love the necklace Carolyn and the cut-out on the back...I know your prairie friend will love it. I have read several times recently about putting a little sawdust under a stone to keep it from wobbling...ever heard that? You couldn't for this one with the cut-out but otherwise...

CarolynArtist said...

Hey Sal! *hugs* That's a great site to hear about. I'm going to check it out and maybe put a link on my blog...it could be so helpful :)
Sandi, thanks, yes I've heard of it. I usually use sterling wire or make a step bezel. (lol at using the sawdust wiht the cut-out :O) I really like the spring-action sort of wire ring my instructor taught me about.
I think the next thing for me will be FLUSH settings with small pretties. Nothing super duper fancy. But I need color, and was thinking about adding them to some of my wider banded flared rings. I've been shown how in classes, but just never ventured into it.
Jaim does it quite well...have you tried it?

Maryann said...

Love that stone and its unique setting Carolyn.I too had images of raspberry swirl icecream or delicious berry and white chocolate delight! Mmmm could do with some right now!!
Glad your husband is much better. I've just been through a similar situation here with my hubby ill with a virus and chest infection over the last four weeks.I only managed to catch the virus part, but the two of us have had our fair share of coughing,believe me.
I'm so looking forward to springtime......blow away all those wintry blues!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Maryann, That's right you are in winter! Sorry to hear about your hubby (and you!). Mine still has a cough, but nothing like last weekend.
When will Spring hit?