Monday, August 24, 2009

New Items for AutumnLeavesJewelry Etsy Shop

Hi! I've been busy lately. Listing a few new items before I head to Oregon for a vacation to visit family. (I'll be listing my pretty brooch I introduced on my blog a couple of weeks ago)...these will probably go into the shop tomorrow morning.

Big Yellow Taxi Pendant (another version)
This is the Yellow Opalite stone I purchased a while back from Gemcutter's shop on Etsy. She has found a snugly spot in this Silver bezel I made. (If you follow my blog or watch any of my videos you may know how much I love to make my own chains.) The pendant is riveted to the chain and each section of the sterling silver chain moves about so freely. It almost looks like rays of sun shooting out from the stone, which reminds me of a big yellow taxi! The clasp is a simple and striking Shepherd's Hook clasp, also made by me. (Pam I am going to do a vlog for you soon, maybe this week!!!)

I love to show the back of my work, and love to see the back of my fellow artisan's work...

Autumn's Elements in Silver and Labradorite Briolettes
These are like long drops of silver rain, they swing about so freely. At the bottom sit drops of pretty blue Labradorite brioletes wrapped in silver wire.

Here is my pair, I do love these, and will be wearing them often!

It was a busy day for me. I'm really digging the Elements earrings and will be adding other colors soon. They do have a kinteic feel to them.
Big Yellow Taxi Pendant finally came together today as I made and finished the sterling silver chain. It had been set into the bezel a few weeks ago and I needed to sit and think about how to finish it...and it came together so sweetly today. I love the rivets for the cold connection to the chain. I often work this way. If you come to my studio you'll find projects in various stages. Unless I'm doing a custom order, most of my pieces come together like paintings ~ in stages.

Bart from earlier today...look at those blue eyes

Here's Puddypie, our old boy, he is losing weight and I have had to trim his hair almost daily (he doen'st clean himself too much anymore). The good news is he is a huge part of the family, sleeps with us every night and still eats and drinks his water.


bella-bijoujewellery said...

wow Care - stunning!! I love the chain, and the colour in that stone is so yummy!

susie said...

I've been wondering where that stone went - you certainly did it justice. Every bit handmade - the chain is just plain awesome.
P.S. Pretty kitties.

Maryann said...

Love your work Carolyn!
The original chain really brings the whole creation together beauitifully.Earrings look great too.
As for those blue eyes....! Deep wells filled with loving memories no doubt!
Take care and enjoy your time away.


CarolynArtist said...

Hi guys! Thanks so much, the chain is really's fun to pick up and swing (gently)...sort of...

Candace said...

Care the necklace is wonderful. I love the goes so well with the piece and I love that it gives the necklace a lot of movement. The earrings look sweet too...very pretty stones. Have a beautiful day! :)

sassyglassdesigns said...

Love the necklace - the chain is perfect for it and I like the freedom of the movement in the earrings - nice job!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks guys! :-)

lisaslovlies said...

good gravy that is beautiful! I love the earrings too. The chain is so pretty Care!

janedeaux said...

That necklace is amazing!

I really want to hug your kitties they are so cute.

CarolynArtist said...

Awww you guys are so sweet!!! You can come over and hug my kitties any time! They are all very social and insatiable as far as hugs go! :)

Trying to take today in turn off computer and go is possible...I know it is!

Willow Branch said...

Wowie wow wow!!! That piece is awesome. The chain is the perfect vehicle to hold this pendant against your neck. the patience it must take to make your own chain. The earings are incredible too. I love the little dew drops from a branch.

Hey kitties!!!


ckdowns said...

Hope you're reading a book RIGHT NOW and NOT reading this...but when you DO read this--WOW!! Love the swingy-dingy Elements earrings. Those look like so much fun!!

And the opalite turned out so beautiful--your OWN chain--exquisite!!

Hugs and pats to the cats--and you!

CarolynArtist said...

Hi Pam! Repetitive work for the chain, I know, but sometimes it just fits, and thank you! :) (Kitties say "Mew" to you!!!)
Caroline, I did read it, but tried my best to relax are too sweet! I'm hanging my vacation sign up soon. :-)
Kitty hugs to all of you!

ckdowns said...

Oh, and your hair is WAY cute in that photo with the swingy-dingy element earrings--LOVE it--very sassy!!!

House of Willow said...

stunning work as usual, have not visited your blog for a while. That cowl and arm warmer set we sold you will prob be coming in handy again soon...time does fly! will follow you from this blog aswell