Tuesday, August 11, 2009

May I share these gifts with you?

Yesterday afternoon I was thinking of how hot it was, how tired I was (not much sleep 2 nights ago) when the mailman knocked at my front door. Wow. I had no idea this load of goodies would come today. I ordered (as I always do) some items from fellow Artisans on Etsy.

If you get a chance please check out this shop, she's new, but only new to Etsy shop selling, her name is Pam, she is a gifted artist. Her shop is willowbranchmusings and when I saw this I had to have it! It's called Candy's Heartand this is what I bought and received yesterday. It is SO me. It is so EVERYONE. It's beautifully crafted and finished, I love it!!!Pam has other goodies in her shop as well.

I'll also be doing a spinner ring update (adding some gold and silver spinners)My customer sent the original ring to me with a sweet note.

Another goodie I treated myself to is from TheNoisyPlume. I've not had the chance to order from her and did so last week. I got these Button Earrings. They are very very well made and finished, not to mention the amazing yet simple design from this fine artist. I'll be wearing them often.
Buttons are Best Earrings

It felt like Christmas when I received pasta, mac & cheese and bandaids from a sweet Prairie woman, along with this wonderful piano key charm (which I will see everyday because it is my new permanent book marker!!!) Looking forward to using the Scooby Doo band aids :P Ruh Roh! And making a piece using a stone she loves. Every movement that goes into the making of Prairie Woman's piece will be with love and from my heart. Oh Dakota, Lakota!!!

Here's a pic of my stash after opening it on my coffee table. Oh, and I have new pink progressives, there they are atop the blue box. (first step to admitting you're getting older, get your eyes checked and if you need them~ progressives~ oy!)

...and so far this month has been so sweet with Etsy orders. Enough to keep my happy, busy and fulfilled. (high number sales are not important to me, selling a well made item is). On that note, I'll sign off and get to work on filling a few orders :)

Here's another photo from the other day, and I think the shadows make me looks as if I have kitty ears o_O


CarolynArtist said...

psssssst the yellow stone set into the rivited bezel piece is something I'm working on.
also...just a note.

I believe in promoting other artists, and encouraging each other. If you feel like looking thru older posts you'll see I buy often from my friends on Etsy, and wear their jewelry daily!

if you look here in the future you will always see me sharing the love of art and love of fellow artisans!

susie said...

jewelry, macaroni, and scooby-doo bandaids - has to be my absolute favorite mail day. I love Pam's piece-you've got me thinking I need to do a little etsy tribute. It takes hard work and courage to make something and put it out there- there are so many beautiful people making amazing things out there! (you included lady).

Willow Branch said...

Susie, that was exactly what I was thinking!! Who gets jewelry, macaroni & cheese & bandaids? Well duh!! Care, of course!! That was quite a haul you got yesterday, thank you for mentioning me.

Have you been that good of a girl?? Maybe you have been because you got lots of treats yesterday (I looove mac & cheese). Be prepared for another hot one today.


CarolynArtist said...

hi Ladies! It's another hot one fo sho!
Susie, the band aids made me laugh so hard! Esp bc they are Scooby Doo!
Pam, I truly love this pendant.
It was the customer, she's just that way, she has a huge heart, that's what she does, she is wonderful! :-)
I'm actually having a busy morning, with not too much energy so I'm about to open my window and let out a scream. The men are still doing the brick work in our neighborhood, so I dare not!

bella-bijoujewellery said...

OH wow - what a wonderful start to the day Care! I love love getting mail ( although its usually bills which I do not love lol) How sweet of that wonderful customer to send you goodies like that!
I wish my week was going as sweetly as yours is!

Pams necklace is so sweet, perfect for everyday - good job Pam!


CarolynArtist said...

Bella Jaim, I wish I could come give you a warm hug! You will get thru these dark days! At least you have your creativity as an outlet!
Email me any time and I'll see you on FB too! :-)

lisaslovlies said...

WOW! Pam's shop is coming along nicely, why didn't she tell me it was open???? (thumping foot on floor with hands on hips).
I received a package similar to your Care, isn't she just the sweetest gal ever????

CarolynArtist said...

Silver arrived, it's Christmastime again ladies!!!! *throws scrap confetti*
Yes Pam's shop is doing well. She told us in her blog Lisa. :P
I agree, the Prairie news is always heartfelt! A gem of a human being!!!

ckdowns said...

So how wonderful of you to share the love with the rest of us--and especially to promote other artists--thanks so much!! :-)

And does that mean we're invited for pasta, too??

Have fun with your new silver--and now you know you have to vacuum again after the confetti toss....