Friday, August 28, 2009

Fruits from Yesterday

As promised, a few pics of the Dragonfly piece, reworked into a brooch. I'm so happy with the final results. I did remove the stone to do some solderig on the back side in order to add the brooch mechanisms. I also felt it needed more rivets, larger ones, for balance, not weight, but balance for the overall look and feel.
This is a gift for my daughter :-)

The ring is ready to add to my shop, when it reopens. It has is sporting one of the wavy sterling silver bands I showed in a previous blog post...(as always I show work in progress)
The little mini pendants are just and just - sweet. The bails I soldered are really very ordinary, but I believe they are all begging for a colorful beaded chain. (to-do when I return from vaca!)

A dear friend sent me a note with a dragonfly hug which I read this morning, ironic because of the dragonfly I just resoldered into a brooch. (my sister in laws suggestion) It really seemed too big for a pendant, and she held it up near her chest and I had a delayed V-8 moment! (head slapping and all!)

I'll take pics of the dragonfly later...

These are from yesterday as well. One has since dropped onto the deck. Have you ever witnessed a shivered bloom falling on its own? I haven't. I've certainly dead headed, or just touched near and seen one fall...but it seems more rare than spotting a shooting star.

These guys are old buddies, yeah they talk in some sort of frozen-stance code. Hibiscus stays unlonely. Hibiscus loves to eaves drop on their very odd conversations.

Here's Bart, we love this little fella. He is always around when I sport the camera. He just knows when to pose. Someday I'll get hubby to tape his Marilyn Monroe mew...

Coffees good and hot, my studio is a disaster and I'm not sure what today holds for me. I have an appt with a doc which means getting on the 4 lanes and not saying the Fudge word aloud to myself. It just means clutch-neutral, 1st shift to 2nd, back to neutral, maybe hit 2nd gear. I would go the back way, but there's road work, and the detour is twice the distance.


lisaslovlies said...

Those little pendants with colorful beaded chains = brilliant!
The orange shade of that flower is really outstanding. Have a wonderful day Care.

Hey.... Ya want me to come over and clean your studio? I bet Sally will help. ;P

CarolynArtist said...

Good morning Lisa! Thanks :-) The hibiscus was a Mothers Day gift from Angelica, so many years ago, I *think* it needs replanting into a bigger pot, not sure. I have no idea how big these get, and I always have to haul it back inside when fall hits. It has 3 colors because there are 3 plants wound around.
Yes, anyone who would like to clean it is welcome!
Actually I would like to fly (wonder woman style) over to Jaims and grab her roller without her noticing.
Next on list
after big girls torch ha ha
ROLLER! Going to start looking on Craigs list...I need a roller for the home...

sassyglassdesigns said...

I love the wee pendants and the ring. All of your pictures are so cool. Can't wait to see the dragonfly.

Fashionably Adorned said...

I love the pendent!! great idea!!

bella-bijoujewellery said...

I would notice missy! But you could come play!! Besides, im pretty sure you would not be able to take it back on the plane, it weighs like 35 pounds lol

Love the idea of turning that dragonfly into a brooch, I hope your daughter knows how lucky she is to have such a talented and generous mom!

CarolynArtist said...

hi guys! Happy Friday! Hope everyone is selling well and having fun creating too. :)

Drats, you would notice eh?
I want one that can be bolted to a work table, and hand cranked...only because I can imagine an automatic one would have high mainenance costs. Though I've used the elsctric ones in the studio where I attend classes in Alexandria, oh wow, how fast it is to make wires!
and thanks, I hope my daughter likes it!

novadesigns said...

your daughter is so lucky!
Everytime I read your blog I feel so unproductive... Not only do you make all this fantastic stuff but you have a life and time to take beautiful photos and blog about it!!

ARRRGGGHHH oh so grateful it's friday right now!

CarolynArtist said...

Tess I don't work a full time job and create beautiful art like you do!!! My Etsy shop is also closed for vacation, so ya see, it's all about perspective. (thanks my daughter loved the piece)

Tammy's Treasure Chest said...

The jewelry is stunning, as always, and that flower is GORGEOUS! (Said the turtle to the frog...)