Sunday, August 16, 2009

Don't sit under the apple tree with anyone else but me

do you have that old song in your head now? It's a sweet song, and I have been singing it this morning.
Meet my new Apple Tree Earrings
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I've been a busy...making about 6 pairs of these, all cold connections meaning no torch or chemicals were used in the process. It's very hot out. I was thinking of red red red. How we all love the color red. Red is represented in so many songs. And...I needed a 'staple' pair of red earrings for my shop to offer. These are not super light weight, and not too heavy, but they do feel good on. I wore them out on Sunday errands and received compliments. You should see me right now, I'm wearing my pair, and swinging my head hard from left to right and back and they are jingling and moving...but I must stop, they are also slapping me in the cheeks.

Better Pics? Yes? I think so...

for size reference, and this is my pair...when you order these, you will get your own pair of Apple Tree Earrings...


liz r. said...

Those are really cute! I love the apple reference.

I hope Mr. C is feeling better.

bella-bijoujewellery said...

Very cute Care! You wear red very well!
I hope Mr. Care is feeling better, I can't think of anything crummier than being under the weather when its stinking hot outside!

ckdowns said...

LOVE the carnelian--I don't think you can go wrong with that little gem! And I really love the image of you shaking your head to make them swing--what fun!!!! And compliments from the public already--very cool!!

Oh, blueberries for Mr. Carolyn--what a great idea!!!! Hope you have enough kleenex....we live where most stores stay closed on Sundays--don't have a grocery store in our little town of Bowbells anyway--and there's nothing worse than trying to plan ahead for a weekend of nasal congestion. Take care!!!!!

CarolynArtist said...

Thanks ladies! Apples are ubiquitous...or should I say omnipresent? Which?
I loaded better pics. I think I've covered all textures, space, vegetation, face, wood, and wicker. lol.
Caroline, if I couldn't provide him with proper tissue for blowing his nose, he would have to sit out back to direct those snot rockets!
He's comfy now, on the couch, watching Tiger hit the little white ball all over for a big W.
*hugs everyone*

Willow Branch said...

Yes, I do have that song in my head right now..but that's actually a pretty nice song to have swimming around in there.

I love your new earrings. I've been trying to figure out what kind of "staples" I can have in my shop. I've only decided with one design (very simple & basic) & am playing with another.

Hope Mr. Care feels better.


ckdowns said...

"...snot rockets..."--snort!!!!

Why do men do that? HOW do they do that??

CarolynArtist said...

Keep playing Pam! If your Candy Heart is any indication, you have got a lot of offer girl!!! :-)

Caroline, they are so disgusting(snot rockets). My nephew did one when he was here. (i think they just have the shooting/hunting gene, and when their brains realize there's something worth hurling- their hand automatically reaches for one of the nostrils so the force can be great on the blow)

lisaslovlies said...

I LOVE them!!!