Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Busy Day, Happy New Years Eve!

Here's to the end of a very fine year, I hope everyone is safe and happy and warm! What are your end of year traditions? We don't have any, we always wing it. Usually someone wakes the other to witness the ball drop in NYC on the tele.

Just printed what I believe are my last 2 invoices for 2008. Makes my grand total...uhm just under 300 (was hoping to hit 300).

I'm waiting on some spanking new hammers omg I can barely stand to wait (small rivet and mid sized chasing)! I'll be riveting gold and silver tubing today. Finally an idea is going to come to life and hopefully there will be pics later or tomorrow.

From my sketch book the piece has evolved from all silver to blackened silver with gold pieces as flecks of moon shine. It will be a finer version of my Bella Luna Pendant. Also hoping to do the piece with all cold forging- no soldering. It is windy and ccccold out. The windows need to stay shut. (mehopes)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Curious about other Artists suffering from Depression

I'm just going to ask, who else truly suffers from it? You know, where you think it's a monumental task to rise up from the couch to get a glass of water. When there are windows of time where you are up you work like mad to get pieces done, projects made, etc. because you know at some point you'll be out and dragging arse to get to the next task.

Just curious how you other artists/or non artists pace yourself through the dark sluggish moods. Or the anxiety. (or even mania) Heck, let's throw in racing thoughts!

If I didn't have this creative outlet I would be a zombie. I'm not super religious (I was growing up) and I've learned a lot of this moodiness is brain chemistry.

For me I'd say books/reading, creativity, family, friends, meds, talk therapy (yeah the Couch), belly laughs, nights out with friends, movies and a good walk help. But never all at once, and not always...though it's sure good to see the options we have.
Sometimes it seems just long deep breaths will get me from point a to point b.

Another Balmy Day here in Northern VA/DC Area

It'll get up to the mid 50s; hubby will go play golf (as he has most of this week off). I just soldered a ton of stacking rings and was able to get the window re-shut so hopefully heat will fill my studio later this morning. I woke up to see my Laguna Agate sold to a very special person, thank you so much! :-)

We watched what turned out to be a pretty poorly made movie - The Happening, too bad because it was done by M. Night Shyamalan who wrote and directed The Sixth Sense. It could have been a better movie. There were so many holes in the beginning which made it hard to suspend reality for the rest of the story. There was no real mob/crowd panic after hearing NYC was under what appeared to be a Terrorist Attack. Instead, high school classes were dismissed (where Mark Wahlberg plays a Science Teacher). The media sent out a message that NYers were to evacuate the city, and even at Penn Station the crowds seemed subdued. Was that foreshadow or a gross mistake? All I know is Penn Station on a regular travel day is mayhem! Oh well, I liked the synopsis of the movie. I just wish more time was spent on the little details.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Item Laguna Agate Pendant

Hi guys! I just listed this in my Etsy shop, AutumnLeavesJewelry. It was a joy to make. Initially it was gointo to go up tomorrow, but I put off a couple of other chores.

What do you think? (I'm starting to like my new camera more and more)

It's so Warm Here in Northern VA!

I've got my Etsy orders to make shiny and get packed today for tomorrow's mail. Hopefully a couple more will come in today. (It is such a welcome feeling to not be rushed!)
Meanwhile I've been picturing some designs in my head, which is why I couldn't sleep too much this morning. Hubby will be out playing golf with a neighbor and I will have the house to meslef! Muwahahaaaa...For me it's a matter of getting them into focus and being methodical about doing them, or I'll think too much about them and they'll jumble into a mish mash of several design ideas and I'll go take a nap from thinking-exhaustion. (does anyone else ever do that?)

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Beautiful Day to Solder Rings

Less Cabbage Patchy?

I've got 3 Etsy orders and am soldering lots of stacking rings...I thought with the weather so nice I can open windows and solder more than I need. When the temps go back down to 30 and below, I won't be happy to open the windows in my studio!
I've got Foo Fighters blaring...hubby got me a hot coffee from Charbucks (isn't he sweet?)
New experiment. Trying burt's bees shea butter and repair creme after each time I wash my hands, which is often on these busy days, going to see if I can keep my hands soft and less "smithy" looking.
I'll need to get a less cabbage patchy pic of myself up soon :o

Friday, December 26, 2008

New Items and Camera Pics

I would love and welcome feedback on ear wire pics, what to do to make them POP. thanks! :-)

Oooo I'm still learning. This camera really picks up detail, I've got to add color to the backgrounds of my full silver pieces, I'm thinking red or turquoise, the wood thing's gotta go (for me).
Anywho here's my new findings for my shop, my ear wires. (set of 4)

Also here's sweet Johnny (Mr Carolyn) heading out earlier this morning to mail my one Etsy order and pick up some coffee, isn't he so cute???

This is me with my rawhide hammer, I'm ready to tap tap tap some more!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas

My shop is officially fully open!

A Christmas Story is playing on the tele, daughter is learning a new language with Rosetta Stone and the roast is in the oven. Hubby and I have had way too much choccy, we got to see some dear friends this morning Cynde and her son Conor. A neighbor surprised me with a gift for watching her cats, awww...and hubby was just invited to play golf on Sunday, wahhhhhooo...of course PuddyPie is sleeping next to me on the couch all curled into a little furry kitty ball ;)

From my studio, the Silver and gold metals miss me, so do my hammers, pliers, files, flux, pickle, liver of sulfur, pretty little stones, yada yada yada...they've been floating around in my dreams tapping my shoulder (tap tap tap), pinching me, plying my ears, fluxing my toes, I'm even finding lil stones in my belly button!

Santa brought AutumnLeavesJewelry a new camera! Wow, technology of 2008, compared to 2002 is quite amazing. I will be able to take great, crisp, detailed photos of my work for my Etsy shop. Yay! Oh the closeness I can reach with my macro is so amazing compared to the old camera.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Oh Dear

I may open shop earlier than planned. Dear Hubby is home until the 1st of January, which means I need to either find a hobby which takes me outside fast, or open the shop back up fully. I think possibly before the 1st I'll start photgraphing new items and opening up. (I'm praying to the weather gods he gets some good days to go play!!!)

The ornaments JUST went up on our tree this morning, and already the two younger cats, Scrappy and Bart were circling the perimeter, vying their prey. I just don't want the whole tree to go down, it's okay for them to have a token ornament...oh these buggers are a handful!
I'm JUST wrapping gifts this late morning, can you tell I've been blue? I don't even feel rushed, I'm just so grateful for family, friends and caring doctors!
Okay...I've got Etsy pressies for my daughter to wrap! :-)
I hope everyone is safe, warm and happy today!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Happy Hanukah!

How sweet I was browsing the Storque on Etsy (their blog) this morning and found one of my rings displayed in their Hanukah showcase!

Here it is...awwwwwwwwwwwwwww Scroll down a bit and you'll see my ring and other very fine goodies to purchase!!!

Thank you katiearms,TeenAngster and Vanessa (Etsy Admin who wrote up the article)

Wrapping Briolettes

This is fun and laid back...having my morning Joe and wrapping very thin wire around very pretty labradorite briolettes.
Got lights up around the windows of the front of the house, got our tree, SCRAPPY PEED on our skirt :-/ This morning we caught Diamond in action kicking poor Scrappy OUT of her cat box. No wonder she's doing this, we suspected so much. Since one cat can't defend more than one box at a time, we'll be moving a box just for Scrappy. Poor girl!!!
Will trim the tree and add the lights later this morning. It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Oooh and the Redskins WON last night!!! YAY!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

DC Region has Ice

Nothing like what a lot of people in very cold areas endure, but this is big news here, ice...sort of, a thin layer, I can see it out on the car windshields, but...I think the temps are rising.

Spending the later morning hours decorating our tree, making brunch, staying in jammies (mehopes) and doing laundry/cleaning up a bit. You know...


I'm trying so hard to get into the relaxation mode, but yesterday I figured out how to make very lightweight, pretty and shiny sterling silver, cold forged hoops! Yay! I made several pair, so the recipe is down!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

NEW Items in shop

I'm so excited to have finally spent the time to read the rules, write up my dos and donts to be able to offer

GIFT CERTIFICATES! YAY, the only drawback I see is they can only be redeemed within the US (as I reside in the US) A lof ot my customers are outside the US...that part sort of bites :-/

The good news is all items are available to ship anywhere!

Thanks for the heads up Jaime (Bella) as far as I can see there's no reason not to keep it limited to the US's another link...

Virgina Gift Certificates

Thursday, December 18, 2008

New Sections for my Etsy Shop

What I plan to do on my Winter Holiday
Hi guys I can't wait to tell you about the new sections I've decided to add for 2009 in my shop on Etsy, AutumnLeavesJewelry
I'm keeping all my spinner rings; I just love to make them!!! Even though they can be a challenge it's what I love about them! Each one is so unique and each customer interaction such an awesome experience.

Will keep the stacking rings, and the poppy and Funky Fivers, they are all good selling items, staples (if you will) which I plan to add more! (I can hammer out sets of Thinny and Chunky stacking rings in my's always a pleasure!)

I'm adding stone set rings and pendants, and maybe thick thick wide bangles (like my Grandma sweet grandma wore!) I'm not sold on the earrings, because when attached to the actual ear wire, the stone setting can feel heavy, they are gorgeous, but heavy feeling. If theres a way to put a bail on the bezels, then yes, lil stone earrings too.

I'll also be adding some more staples such as
Hoops med and large, nothing too tiny
Every day type silver earrings with pretty colored gems
Shiny Handmade Findings:
They will be made by me, yes me!
They'll include
Ear wires - sterling and golds (not filled, solid golds in various karats)
Resin beads, I love to make them, even though the smell is awful, it's so magical to see a dried flower or photo encased
Clasps, sterling silver, and if requested golds.
Other goodies that will appear when the mood strikes!

A decision about this ring, Fracture

The ring is still in its lil cubby home awaiting a new owner, come December 21, if it hasn't sold I'm offically claiming it :p It's hard to make a piece and actually be able to keep it!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

This Photo of Marilyn stuns me

I love that she's clothed with her head turned side-and-down with her eyes averted but full of emotion...

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

AutumnLeavesJewelry Shop Sale and Vacation

These 2 pretties are on SUPER sale and will ship same day, they should sell pretty fast. They can be found in my Holiday Sale Section in my shop...pssst here... The shop will be closed from December 21 thru January 1
I'm sooo looking forward to time off so I can rejuvenate and come back with lots of new goodies and designs for my shop! :-)

Ring, Interrupted

Okay, sales are super slow so I plan to finish the tweak/upgrade of the 2 wedding rings! Thicker golds for Angela, and a tad smaller, less flare for John's ring. Once I get started the process will just take a day in the studio, maybe 2, I'm hoping to crank on some sweet music and sing really loud. (no one should ever hear me sing!)

I'm still hoping/waiting/lurking about for either Jaime of bellabijoujewellery, or Lisa of LisasLovlies to put up a video tutorial for post/stud earrings! (hint hint hint)

Oh and yesterday while sitting at Aveda with hair full of foil (don't you love that feeling?) I came up with what I thought would be a funky sweet new pair of earrings and could extend it to other design elements, I had sketchbook with me.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Gah! Can't stand hair growing out!

Either this or I'm shaving it off! I think I can get it back to this look...

I'm going for this again!

Front Page of Etsy Glory, (though I missed it)

My Santee Circle Turquoise and Silver Ring made the front page which is always a really special moment for any artist! Here's a screen shot someone else is 3rd row down. awww that makes me feel warm and fuzzy!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Custom Obama 2009 Inaugural Pendant Order

After shining pieces

Before removing Liver of Sulfur and shining pieces, notice LOSulfur does not adhere to gold... done! I'm still a little behind on another very special project, hoping to finish it soon!

I wanted to show the Pendants before and after being shined, notice Liver of Sulfur does not affect gold? Cool!

Friday, December 12, 2008


This just arrived, just as I was finishing the last Etsy order (aside from the tweaking of the wedding rings and the other 4 pendants) omgosh so I felt it my duty to open and test. Mmmmmm omg there goes my diet!!!
I think they are from my Dad, thanks Dad! (I say that because he is notorious for not signing any cards, truly!)

Johnny get home fast and put em in the choccy safe!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

...and the contest winner is...


5:33pm/Closing to Pull Name Yayy/Win a set of Thinny Stackers from My Shop/just take my simple poll!

Help Me Name My New Lil Hoops:
Would you like a free set of Thinny's in your size for a lil holiday pressie? If so, help me by choosing one name listed below. Post the name you like best in your comment with your email and by tonight I'll pull the lucky winners name!

Autumn's Brownie Hoops
Autumn's Petit Pearly Hoops
Autumn's Lil Pearly Hoops

You'll win this I'll vlog the winners name tonight!

Not a good time for Vacation Mode

I did try to put my shop on Vacation mode for a semi-long weekend, I was going to be back Sunday. But here I am at 4am, unable to sleep and honestly I don't want to miss out on any of the fun. This is my first year really feeling like I'm in full swing wiht my Etsy shop and I'm here! I took my vacation banner down answered a couple of convos.
In May when we're away I swear the shop will be truly shut down!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Spirit Movies!!!

Predator (1987) just started on HBO! Gosh I love this movie! Muwhahhahahah the ultimate in good vs evil - aliens sent to earth to hunt humans, and AHNOLD "Dutch" WENS! you do not mess with ARNOLD!

Arrrrrrrrrr aside from A Christmas Story, It's A Wonderful Life and Charlie Brown Christmas oh yeah this one is up there!!!
what do ya'll like???

If Santa DID decide to bring me goodies

A Lil baby torch!!! Ooooo think of the bigger pieces I could make from home!

Every gal needs a really righteous hammer set, and those are some awesome pliers!!!

These are on my list (and on SUPER SALE!)

It's 2am, what are you dreaming about?

No dreaming here. My elderly cat Puddles has been enjoying himself immensely it seems. Lately his shtick is to curl around my head at the top of my pillow and fall into a deep sleep. Deep sleep with lots of old cat-man snoring and old cat-man paws digging into my ears, not fun. Between he and hubby's snoring I had to get up and make some hot tea. Yogi's Licorice and Bigelow's Mint, mmm it's our home made version of the pricey Aveda tea, but less costly.

I was pleased to see my first Obama Inaugural Pendant sell to a wonderful person out in California. I just relisted it. I have a reserve order for 4 from a friend who is giving them as gifts. The next batch I make I'm keeping one for myself...really...I am...(don't we all say that about our pieces?)

*waves to anyone else experiencing insomnia*

Random reminder to self:
Pick up turquoise blue dye for hairdresser to get awesome turquoise blue hilites later this week! (apparently they don't carry that color at Aveda)

Monday, December 8, 2008

New Item Obama 1.20.09 Inaugural Pendant

This was made using sterling silver and 14k rose gold. Stamped Obama 1.20.09 to represent this precious time in our history. It seems to be an instant heirloom. All jump rings are soldered, this pendant hangs 18"

I'm still unsure about which pic to use as the first for my shop on always, I tend to move the photos around.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

All Orders in New Tumbler- Home Made Chili is Done and Redskins to Play Soon

This is our fat cat Scrappy in a box in my studio, she is huge and pear shaped and she squeezed herself into the tiniest box within a box! Have a look! Awww we love our Scrappy!

It's been a really long afternoon, worked all day to get the orders ready for the post office tomorrow, but am very grateful and happy to be busy. I'm so thankful people enjoy my creations!

I'm very excited about a new piece I made today, Obama related, and it's a pretty one. I'll get pics up tomorrow and have it listed in my Etsy shop.

(only in this area do we get these sort of silly weather alerts)
Weather Gang: Wind Advisory in Effect, Some Possible Flurries

We are such wimps when it comes to driving in the snow. Maybe it's because so much of our population is international? Maybe as the snow falls a bit of sleepy-time fairy dust falls into our brains (somehow) and we sort of forget how to maneuver our cars in a bit of snow and ice.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Customer Appreciation Pic :-)

My Aunt Marsha from way out in California surprised me by purchasing a pair of Obama earrings, and she was so sweet to send me this pic with her thanks!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Staying Busy When Can I Decorate for the Hols?

Beter Now?

Must think of time where I can string lights outside and pull out favorite holiday items for the house.

Off to the post office, will be going later this eve as well. To stay "green" I'll make both trips double errands.

Out of thank you card stock, going to Michaels.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Friday!!!

Lookie my hair is growing back yay!!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

New Bella Luna Sterling Pendant

It's been a really long day, long week! I've been keeping up with orders and finally I have a new piece to add! I love it too!

All the jump rings made by me are soldered and the clasp is also hand made. I wanted to use a little saying from one of my favorite movies 'Moonstruck' (doesn't everyone love that movie?) Anyway...I added shadow to the piece by texturizing the metal.

What do you think? Oh and I oxidized it, and tumbled it. Tomorrow I'll try to get better pics.

A Three Hour Dream (at 3am)

Been selling lots of personalized sterling silver golf ball markers this season, so far my fave saying which I've done is from the movie Caddyshack 'Be the Ball' though ALL the orders are special because they each convey a beautiful connection from loved one to Golfer (since I married a golf nut, oh how I know how important the little things we do to support them are!)

I'm snuggled up on the couch with my old boy kitty Pud, he's purring, so is the laptop and bonus they are both incredibly warm!
I went to bed unusualy early last night, then read my new mystery for a couple of hours-
Woke a tad too early, so am hoping for a few more hours of sleep.

I've got 3 new Etsy orders to fill and I'm so thrilled...and am thinking of more new designs...please please time gods give me the strength to be in the zone later to get just one completed today for my Etsy shop!

psssssssssst ran my new tumbler within an hour after arrival yesterday late afternoon,oh it purred like a ramped up kitten ready to roll! And it rolled! Wow! Technology, working parts, tools with motors that WORK! I'm so happy with the tumbling action!!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

From Ice to Nice, Perfect Weather for Soldering...

Morning! I just printed my invoices and shipping labels for today. Going to heat up my pickle and open windows soon. We have ice all over Fairfax County roads, but it's going to get up to 50 today! WoHooo! This means it will be yummy warm to solder and create in my studio. Yay! It also means, no stinky Liver of Sulfur smell will linger for too long!
I'm so thrilled this piece sold, and it sold to a wonderful customer and friend! I plan to make more, using golds as well.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Gifts Wrapped & Ready to Ship from my Shop on Etsy!

It's December 2nd, no snow here near the Nations Capital but I have lots of pretty pressies for your gift giving needs! Some of my items I have (and try) to keep multiples in stock so they can be shipped very shortly after they are purchased. They are sweet items, affordable and pleasing to just about everyone! Here's a few samples of Gifts Wrapped To Go from my shop!