Sunday, November 30, 2008

New Rosey Stacker

Hoping to get more items photographed and listed by end of's my new Rose Gold Bud stacker ring

Saturday, November 29, 2008

I Wish You Could See the New Goodies for my Shop

Happy Anniversary Johnny!

But they're still designs in my head. Hoping to catch a breath and get some made by tomorrow or Monday for you to see. Orders come first, then (it seems) DINNERS, we are really enjoying this long weekend! Tomorrow we'll have an anniversary brunch, yep it's been 22 years this weekend of marital bliss! (longer if you count our years in wonderful sin)

I enjoyed my first Pilates session this morning. It went well. My cat Scrappy (she's extremely social) kept running under my hands as I was doing the was both funny and annoying because I'd be concentrating then suddenly feel kitty ears under my fingers!

Got to run to our local bead store for skinny sterling wire. Of all the many metals I ordered last week I forgot my 24 gauge and I neeeeeeeeed it today!!! Hope the store is open. This will give me an excuse for some really good Greenberry's coffee, mmmmm.

Oh! And a friend is opening her Etsy shop. Linda makes AMAZING chain maille jewelry, using golds and silvers. I cannot wait to see her work for sale on Etsy! She introduced me to various pretty stones over the years! Go Linda! (She has a regular job in D.C., I don't know how she does it all - she's also the original Mommy of Scrappy and Bart, which is why they are so incredibly well socialized!)

Friday, November 28, 2008

I Ate Too Much Pie! ...and I LOVE MY ETSY ORDERS!

And I regret it a lil bit. Only because I was up at 4am with tummy cramps! Nice way to seriously cheat on the South Beach diet, 2 slices of home-made pecan pie with vanilla ice cream. It was not unlike eating those big bowls of Count Chocula WITH white sugare added (by my little greedy self) as a kid. Sugar! OMG I suffered you guys! Our daughter had to work today and left before I could give her the rest of the pie to take with. I will not go near it...ugh, lesson learned!

My favorite parts of yesterday were holding hands before we ate and revealing what we were grateful for. Awww...then later all snugling on the couch/chair to watch a movie. I love this family! :-) (making my friend Cynde laugh so hard was even sweeter!)

My goals for today are to work straight through and get all caught up on Etsy orders (getting into 'LisasLovlies' mode!). I know some of you have this many and more per day, this is all so new to me.

I'm out of printer ink, hoping later hubby can run to Office Depot for me, I'm already covered in silver dust and...well you know how it gets in these studios!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Thursday November 27 Happy Thanksgiving

Care and Angie in NYC a few years back, she is so warm to cuddle with!

Was sitting here feeling a tad grumpy that the neighborhood is so quiet today. There is no way I can get the hammer out make rude noises...yet. I'm hoping later when the football games start and people are mulling about I can sneak a few taptaptaps in. Hubby is heading out to hit a bucket of balls (golf range) he's very supportive of me working this morning. Sweet how that works out!

We're going to enjoy a quiet time at home, we're making:

Mashed potatoes
Fresh green beans
(OMGOSH I FORGOT TO GET CRANBERRIES!)<---must have a cranberry dish to mix with the turkey and potatoes!!! :o
Home made Pecan Pie ala mode baby!
Would love to make rolls, but would love to not have the extra carbs. We'll see if Angelica wants to make them.

Tomorrow we're headed to a day of "Leftovers at Becky's" Johnny's sister’s house. There will be about 18 of us! Should be fun. (and yet I want to stay home to take care of business, get orders out and receive new ones...what to do?!)

Saturday we've booked a night with our very close friends Jack & Cynde! Yay!

Sunday hubby and I celebrate our 22nd wedding anniversary. Busy social weekend. I'm trying to go with the flow and keep up with (for me it's a busy Etsy season) my Etsy orders. At the same time I am yearning to make some new rings today, simple sweet rings. Nothing too fancy.

I'm thankful for so many things, and grateful to let go of so many negatives in this life! I'm thankful for family and friends and real love and always a roof over my head with warmth and someone to talk with and listen to...I'm just so friggin grateful! I am so thankful for belly laughs and Larry David's Curb Your Enthusiasm episodes, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert re-runs and books books many lovely books to read!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Great Grandma Anna Ehutch of Cordova Alaska

Here's my great grandma from Alaska, I have ivory and scrimshaw pieces from this part of the family...trying to find pics of my grandma and great grandma from Santee Sioux side to post...There are only two of Anna (shown) that exist. She married a Shepard from Back East. The Shepard family goes way back to 1700s in US. Of course Eyak's go back further ;-P

Monday, November 24, 2008

New Ring for my Shop on Etsy

Just Listed with full description in my shop ;-)

omg can we say smither's hand??? ugh!

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Colors of my Childhood to appear in my Etsy Shop Soon!

Not these, these are sentimental priceless pieces I own...

Notice the huge chunks of stone? What wonderful colors! The artists did not skimp on silver either, the balls (granulation)of silver lining the bezels are huge and yummy, they compliment each piece. These were made back in the early 1900s. These are not from a shop on Etsy or a copy of anyone's work on Etsy, they just are...

These (minus the pretty white turquoise ring which I purchased in Arizona a few years back) are pieces my grandmother wore, daily. (there are more, but this gives you an idea...)

I've been craving color lately. It could be the barren trees, the gray skies or the hint of snow in the steely air.

Could be I've been reintroduced to the beauty of what I saw around me growing up, spending summers with my grandparents, visiting Chemawa and hearing stories of other places where my grandparents came from.

There's a comfort factor in going back to the past and plucking out the beautiful images and holding them and saying "see? See how pretty it was?" In doing that we are able to reaffirm all of the happier times, the good memories and the positive.

So...that said, start looking for color in my shooooooooooooppppppp!

Friday, November 21, 2008

My Cats were ALL so Naughty Today

Totally UNRELATED Photo of hubby caught going thru my purse last Spring in OBX.

They will all be getting a lump of coal in their stockings! OMGOsh!

Scrappy peed on hubby's O'Mama's antique chair I keep in the dining did I find this you might ask? It was so fresh, (I’ll answer as if you asked) it was SO FRESH, that when I lifted the cloth item resting on said chair yellow liquid flew about as it drained off the cloth. I was like..."SCRAAAAAAAAAPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPY!!!" Then I had to stop everything, clean it up, throw away the cloth, and scrub my hands (OCD really kicked in). I saw her near the upstairs banister and she was sooo cute and looked soooo innocent all I could do was tickle her ears.

PuddyPie, omgosh, he's like....93 years in human age, gets Sub IV Liquids every other day, back legs aren't moving so well...what does he do today? Somehow (as if he grew strong leg muscles and figured out how to open a cabinet allofasudden) he got hold of this bag of cat nip my daughter insists on buying for them. I heard rustling, and weird cat mew sounds, more paper rustling, looked under the dining room table and there he was, he'd re-opened the zip locked bag and it was all over the floor, in mounds...looked like a scene from That 70's Show under there. Gosh!

Bart circles the whole downstairs over and over and over like a shark, he runs through all of the blinds and makes sure we hear I said over and over and just keeps going...

Diamond, caught her in the sink, LICKING the little can I used to feed Puddy his special food. She's SO BOLD she just kept at it till I got like an inch away. When I say something...she runs off squeaking. SQUEAKING at me. I know what she said too! (She said WOMAN I'll be back down here while you're sleeping and lick anything you leave out!)

Okay, while typing this I just witnessed Scrappy at the top of the front door curtains, the very top...omg...

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Wedding Ring Photos

Hello guys! I decided to document the rings and Piper's necklace on my blog so I could always remember what an awesome opportunity this was. As you can see everything is finished. Pipers necklace was fun. I added the 3 golds used as spinners to make a charm, if she's not wearing her spinner on the necklace, it will still be a very whimsical and sweet all by itself.

Hope you like them! (they remind me a little of the jewelry from the HBO series Rome)I'm going to be mailing them tomorrow with my other orders...

My Etsy Cup is Full and I love it!

For me this is such a blessing! All these orders for the holidays - I have more to get done and out in the mail tomorrow. I don't feel overwhelmed just happy. Friday I'll be mailing about 7 orders out along with the wedding rings and Piper's necklace, which I hope to get pics of later today. It's going to be another full long day which is just awesome. (I know some of you deal with this level of orders daily, kudos!)
Usually this time of year my moods seem to sink down to the rabbit hole. This year I've kept my head up and it's paid more ways than I could imagine.
It's still cold out, and it snowed a few flurries the other day, all a stinging reminder of losing my brother John when he was 19. It was a bad snow storm when they found him, and I miss him all the time, he had schizophrenia and was truly a very lost soul. I can't cower away and go down that rabbit hole. I like it up here, I like hearing people laugh, and the smell of food baking, and a glass of good dark beer, and nudging hubby to stop snoring already, the sound of my daughter laughing hysterically at something, and the animal smell of my cats...the list goes on.
Part of me worries a huge depression will hit, but I feel prepared if it does that it never lasts, and I always come back.
This winter is for my brother John, as all winters are! I love you and miss you big brother!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Jon Stewart Clip Fr Nov 18

This is hilarious from start to the very last second...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

NEW Obama 2009 Item 1.20.9 Obama Inauguration Earrings

January 20th has always been a special day for my family for a more personal reason other than every 4 years we get to witness the swearing in of the next president-elect. (But it's a seeecwett!)

This year we're ecstatic about watching Barack Obama being sworn in as the next Commander in Chief of the US.

My shop needed a new here she is a pair of spanking new '1.20.9 Obama' earrings in sterling silver. I'll only be selling these through part of this and next year - the same with my other Obama products.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Spinner Ring Wedding VBlog Part 3 of 3 for real

For Angela, Piper and John, I hope you love them!!!


Spinner Wedding Rings Part 3 of 3 (no Vblog yet)

The rings are currently tumbling (or fumbling) their way toward final beauty. Now I have one more very important piece to make for a very special girl! I also have a load of orders to get out. I'm happy about both!

I don't have a veil, or a vblog, but it was a joy to make these. I learned a lot. I'll be mailing them this week and I sure hope they fit!

Still craving carbs

I could eat a huge pile of nachos with the following:
Black beans
Refried beans
Med Salsa, chunky
Big chunks of onion

on a big platter, all mine mine miiiiine!!!

for now it's a cube of low fat cheese, mmmmmgood.

The nachos could look something like this-

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Savor 'My Boyfriends T Shirt' from Savor on Etsy


Savor noun A distinctive property of a substance affecting the gustatory sense: flavor, relish, sapor, smack, tang, taste, zest. See taste/bad taste. A distinctive yet intangible quality deemed typical of a given thing: aroma, atmosphere, flavor, smack. See taste/bad taste. A distinctive element: attribute, character, characteristic, feature, mark, peculiarity, property, quality, trait.

Savor verb To have a particular flavor or suggestion of something: smack2, smell, suggest, taste. See suggest. To receive pleasure from: enjoy, like1, relish. Informal go for. Slang dig. See like/dislike. To undergo an emotional reaction: experience, feel, have, know, taste.

Spinner Ring Making Day

I thought I would have time to vlog but my metal came in and I'm now going to focus on 3 very special spinner rings. (I'm just finishing up another spinner I started last night) There's a steady rain, windows are open for ventilation...and I'm grumpy because I would like a big fat huge moist piece of vanilla cake (or a cupcake!) with an inch of frosting on top...oh and those little rainbow jimmies too!

mmmm...donuts....gosh I'll take anything!

or pie...pie pie pie...mmm pie!

Hoping to do some sneaky vlogging with the wedding rings as I go along and post later, oh and a very special person whom I love to buy from on Etsy - Savor - she makes the most divine soaps!

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

What do do when waiting for UPS Delivery???

Try to improve some photos to upload to my Etsy shop...I love my lightbox...
Will be making South Beach Diet breakfeast spinach-egg thingies. Hubby and I have started the diet again. We had great success a few years back and I've been on it since Sunday. So far so good, 5 lbs and my clothes are still tight, which means I have a lot of icky weight to lose...when you hit your 40s health really smacks you! I don't want to be skinny (I've done that been there, not good) I just want to feel healthy again! Daily walks and a better diet are the key.
Things I've missed this week:
Cereal! mmmm cereal!!!
Ice cream at night
Boy Scout Popcorn in the big tin
Chocolate, of any kind!
Bread, crackers, rice with beans and lots of cheese, and sour cream, mmm
(my fantasy is to buy a dozen of those really sickening cupcakes with that really gross frosting made by the grocery store folks, then eat all the frosting, mmmmmm)

I've not had this many salads in half a week in a long time! Amazing how yummy salads look when you are so hungry!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Items

Here's a couple available in my shop on Etsy, more pics to take...need to get ready to take hubby to the doc, he's been home sick since Sunday morning, poor guy :-/

No Mail today, it's throwing me off!
And waiting patiently for UPS man so I can start my wedding rings!!!

My Elderly Cat took over my Pillow AGAIN

This is PuddleChamp

Hubby after giving Diamond a bath, she was rescued by our daughter from a gas station in WV

Care and new baby Bart

Scrap and Bart their first day home after their Mom Linda took such awesome care of them!

Care and Puddy a couple of years ago
Oh my gosh! I love this cat so much he can do just about anything and get away with it because he does it so sweetly... but lately he's been inching his way and taking over my whole pillow at night. :-/ He's the cat we give Sub Q IV liquids to every other day and he's completely lovable and social. He's also quite old and because of this our other cats are vying for his spot in their hierarchy. They coral him away from the food, they run and jump OVER him as he steps out the front door. They sit right next to him while he is sleeping and stare at him (picture Snoopy doing this, or Putty from Seinfeld staring at a wall endlessly)It's in their nature to do this but it breaks my heart for him.

My theory:
He is making me his b**ch so he can sit somewhere (sort of human-esque) on the hierarchy of our family. I mean, I give him milk throughout the day, a shot or so. He gets special wet food. There's always a place for him next to me wherever my body may land, if not he makes the room. (I give him the needle every other day, not hubby, hubby can't do it for some reason.) And lately when I wake up he's on top of my pillow, I'm scrunched down and he is digging his elderly claws into my head, ouch! (While purring)

I'm not sure if this is because he's Maine Coon and that's the nature of his breed, or he was just lucky enough to be born with the most durable long lasting, social and laid back genes.

When he was younger and more agile we used to walk downstairs and find him cooling off near the front door on his back on the tiles. He would be spread eagle, one foot on each wall and just look over at us an yawn.

He is a gentle King...

Monday, November 10, 2008

Two Very Special Resons I Love What I Do!

Is this so sweet? Now I have a better idea of how wide to make her spinner!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

My Favorite Designer on Etsy or Anywhere itisTIOTK

I love this hat and the designs Angelica comes up with. She is constantly working at her craft which I have no idea how she finds time for.

Kitty is Relaxing and Hubby is Sick, oh but Resin cured!

Hubby's in bed sick...he even refused COFFEE which means he's really feeling bad, he is a coffee nut. Well, my day will be busier than I'd planned and maybe at some point while he sleeps I can sneak out for a walk, or at least rake some leaves.

Our Cat Scrappy has nested herself into her favorite box in my studio as you can see she knows how to relax

My custom turquoise resin ring cured just fine and went out the other day...Gotta love Silly Putty!!! (it's an awful site, resin and silly putty but it works every time!!!

this is the final product...

Friday, November 7, 2008

Rosie the Riveter Beads have found a home!

ah creativity!

I'm so excited about this because (those of you using resin know) they take so long to make! These beads were a real fun challenge because after they were cured I decided to rivet them with sterling silver. Using very high quality sterling tubing and lightly hammering each bead received a further option for use.

This isn't a ground breaking sale by any means, but for me it is because I plan to make more "beads"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Amy Abshier-Reyes Original Oil Painting

This is an oil painting by Amy Abhsier-Reyes which I ordered & I'm finally ready to frame this beautiful piece and find the perfect space.

She can be found on Etsy and off Etsy...I ordered this off Etsy.

Last night I was gently touching her minute brush-strokes and gazing into all the subtle colors - art can be so wonderfuly soothing when you think the world has opened it's door and dropped your soul off - it reminds us that we are here through the good and the ugly and we can create and fall back into the world through our art...this painting is incredibly beautiful up close and far away.

I hope to collect many more of her pieces.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Obama!!! 44th US President! Yaaaaaaaaaaay!!!

He shared his crayons and his PB&J sandwiches!!!

Electoral Votes coming in Blue! 128 Obama - McCain 42 at 10pm

Holy Shite, it's already a sweep!!!


Anyone else up watching??? I had to take a little nap, I'm back up switching between Comedy Channel and CNN...even my cats are excited!!!

VA- 13
NC -15
FL -27 the Electoral numberssssssssssss pleeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaase!

Jon Stewart & Stephen Colbert

Best 2 Reasons to stay up late tonight...I love these guys!!!

Hillarious!!! Cannot get enough Daily or Colbert this year!!!

The Reason I LOVE this man!!! He will lick everything he owns to make a point

Monday, November 3, 2008

Custom Wedding Rings

Hopefully I'll be able to vlog a bit as well as writing about doing these custom ring designs.
I'll be making wedding rings for a lovely couple, and a very special ring for their daughter Piper.
Through several convos we know the following:
Sterling Silver Rings
14k Rose Gold Spinner
18k Yellow Gold Spinner
24k Yellow Gold Spinners
Names stamped
for all 3 rings.
Every ring is special for various reasons, this is also so exciting because I get to help build a special day for this sweet family by putting together instant Keepsakes.
I'll vlog next about what Angela has sent me to help me get started on sizing the spinners!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Who Shared Their Crayons Growing Up?

I did, I was a social crayon person, I also loved mixing them up and trying to arrange different color patterns in the box. The sharpener in the back was so cool! Remember when they would melt if you left them in the back of your parents car? Or crack when you stepped on one? (that was a sad sound)
Outlining was fun, in actual coloring books, ah the good old days.