Friday, October 31, 2008

I can't believe I at the whoooole thing omg

anyone else???

thank goodness i took a 30 minute brisk walk earlier, because I now have many little bags o skittles, a whole coke, and half a steamed artichoke to digest. Oh man, oh man talk about feeling sick...

i say we dump the rest of the goodies into the next gremlin/princess/cheerleader/ninja/angel/pupmkin/bunny/ who ever knocks next, they get the rest...otherwise I might implode...i think the snickers are calling out to me!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

...and the Ring goes to...

Thank you everyone! hubby was a trooper, he went to have dinner with his dad so it's just me and I try to load this! :-) I hope to have more give-aways more that I know how easy it is to do!

Drawing Officially Closed, Will Draw from Pumpkin Head...

...when hubby arrives home'll get to meet him, he is a true sweetheart and a total goof ball, which is why I married him! (he's a funny guy...)

Anywho good luck to everyone, I've never won anything so this is thrilling for me to be able to give away an item!!!

Hubby finishing my new soldering table for my home studio, trust me his idea of DIY is duct tape and/or krazy glue! So this was super sweet of him!

Hubby on the racing grid, I think we were putting street tires back on after a lonnnng day...aww lookie at him!

Here's Hubby at the beach isn't he cute???

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Customer Feedback Photo

I'm so thrilled, this lovely person actually took the time to take a photo and post it on my feedback in my Etsy shop. I've never had that happen. I have had photos sent to me directly which is JUST as sweet and kind.
I'm going to post her pic here, just because I think it looks pretty and I hope she doesn't mind. It's the 14k Gold Petit Spinner ring I sold last week. (I do have one more in the shop...)

Monday, October 27, 2008

It wasn't ME, they MADE me do I did...I ate em

I found the wicked Halloween candy hubby bought (on sale so he says) he didn't hide them very well...and, it didn't do any good to put the bag with 'CVS' showing right as I opened the cupboard, you know the one we never use, the one where we put things people give us as gag gifts or what ever they are, yup, right behind the Anthrax Vaccine set of foam beverage holders. Up there near the huge thick glass/crystal clear (some glasses missing but we keep it anyway...) punch bowl with ladle.
Just like the cream puff balls that slapped hubby every time he passed one by at our anual Oktoberfest (he admits to eating 15) they did speak to me as well, but not with a slap, they screamed for me to grab them and run like Forrest Gump, so I did. I ra-annnnn. And I ate, I ate lots of chocolate and now I'm not regretting it, I'm just trying to come up with a better excuse than hubby had for eating his share-plus at the anual Oktoberfest...what can I tell him?
What will he believe???

Turquoise Drops Anyone?

What do you think? I need more props! ;-P

Goodbye Jim Chee, Goodbye Joe Leaphorn, Goodbye Cowboy Dashee

I didn't realize Tony Hillerman was so ill. He passed away yesterday. It's comforting to know he was married with 6 children...he must have been truly loved. I think he may have one more book coming out. I'd like to read all of them again just because...
He brought life to the otherwise unkown desert American Indian Tribes, and he did it so perfectly. Their personal flaws were relatable. I could almost taste the nasty 3 hour old coffee (and I didn't care because I could drink it with Joe Leaphorn) and see the amazing sunsets he described. Closing his book I swear there would be desert sand on my feet and my face kissed by the unrelenting sun.
PBS finally picked up a couple of his books. I was hoping there would be more of a draw for his books to go to film. Maybe now there will be?

Sunday, October 26, 2008

New Item Simple Spirals

These were refreshing to make because not a lot of torching was involved. In fact the only thing torched are the earwires I make. ;-)

New Lightbox Pics Holy Guacamole Batman!

I'm in love with my new toy!!! Oh the possibilites!!! Yippeeeeeee There's even holes inside to hang something like a branch....

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Reminder Dreamer Spinner Give-Away on Oct 30th Please make sure you are included on the List below

Please check to make sure your name is here, I have these names so far:




Kim Nelson



Janie O

Patti from TN





Five O'Clock Somewhere














Fruma Sarah



MsBaubles (AliBaubles)


Erin, maker of chimes







Kim H.

Heidi aka Digital Misfit



Friday, October 24, 2008

Charbucks, I Am A Vampire Song(Damnmy Space Bar!)

Soooo I treated myself to a big fatty humongo latte earlier, decaf from Sbucks...I am not feeling too good. Myspacerbar does notwant to work, crikey! My tummy is saying nononononno to the heavy latte. I love our local Greenberry's coffee, will not go as low as Murky for several reasons, mainly tbeirbeans taste like dredged up Potomac mud water. (if you can imagine it) Anywho, I had a few minutes tospare while outon errands, so I pulledinto CHarbcuks, dished out a fiver,gotback little and now I'm remindedwhy I'm not a fan...

Why is my space bar notworking on laptop? Seems like Ihave to push reallyhard. grrrr...

Off to a nice weekend with a double custom salefrom Etsy. Mycat is curled up next to me, he's like a purringhot water bottle.

I wasgoing to upload that Vampire songy by AntsyPants,from the movieJuno,but this friggin space bar is driving me batty. Allmorning I was singing it aloudin the house,yes poor hubby, poordaughter, poor kitties! I shouldbe bannedfrom singing!

I do love thesong,it's corny and fun and silly andI love it.

Letme try to loadit.MY GOSH, I betthis is what it'slike to typedrunk? Dunno....(Hubbywill blameme, youjust watch!)

Here's oneversion, toobad there's nota vidto go with... It'sa catchy tune!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

For Posey (or anyone) interested in this published book on Spinner Ring How-to

Hi Posey, I would get this book and make this ring, (not to sell but just to learn) then from there you can just take off with them! I used her exact instructions (minus the pattern on the thick spinner part) and with the help of my instructor made several of my own versions. She has a "recipe" for specs. I do use a ruler and sharpie to mark out the width of each ring to cut. Then I anneal the metal because I usually use very thick gauge, from there I try my best to get the size right. I always make the final shaft of the ring a tad smaller because mine always end up about half a size larger when I flare. I hope this helps!!!

New 14k Gold Petite Spinner Pics

I would LOVE feedback on the pics before I post them to my Etsy shop!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Asking For Help...

(a pretty entrance to a small park near where I live in Reston, on a walk last Friday...random)

Is it our ego? Our pride? Our need to defend our artistic integrity? Not sure, but I found that asking for help from someone with more knowledge than myself (which in my case is easy to find!) saves so much time and finger cuts! (Yesterday I sawed into my pointer finger because i was determined to finish a project instead of walking away for a while) tsk tsk!
I take classes at the old Torpedo Factory, well actually The Art League School in Alexandria, I take them as often as I can. These days my art pays for my studio time. Not only do I get help from my very skilled instructor (even though he speaks with a very funny British accent), but from fellow students who may or may not have been at this amazing craft longer than myself.
Also getting into a different studio can be so helpful, sharing tools, omgosh, using tools I have no access to at home is a treat.
If there aren't schools in your area (remote or your pocketbook is often like mine, empty or running on...) then find a friend and have a studio date at their studio or yours.
Blogging is so wonderful, I have seen and learned so many new techniques! It's a free and virtual way to check out someone's studio when you have no time to do so in person, or the means.
Oh, and you can find out what people are doing to their hair via Vlog!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

New Item '14k Gold Oh She Spins Petite Spinner'

It's usually a customer who comes up with a new creative item for me. I love it! This wonderful person ordered my 'Oh She Spins' spinner in 14k gold, only in a petite ring, as in my Petite Spinner. Anyway it allowed me to cut the cost in half and allows for her to have a smaller, less chunky ring. Hope to have photos up later today and looking forward to adding it to my shop.
The Redskins won again, waaaaaahoooo! Hubby is up yonder in Toronto, so sleeping is both difficult and (I'll admit) nice because I get the middle of the bed with all the cats!
We saw John Hiatt in D.C. Sunday night, it was a late night! I'd never heard Lyle Lovett sing, omgosh the two of them were awesome! We had very sweet seats, row C, so we got to see a lot of up close stage (oops) spitting and all that. John Hiatt didn't play the song which brings on my tears, 'Crossing Muddy Waters' but he did make me mist up a couple of times. (and we had lots of belly laughs!)

I took this pic after an hour long walk on Friday, this is Johnny in our kitchen, I sure miss him!!! (psssssssst don't look at the mess behind him!!!)

Saturday, October 18, 2008

New Silver 'DREAM' Labradorite Tag Earrings

I'm having such a difficult time getting the color combo I want, along with the ability to show the dark letters!
I think tomorrow or next week I'll have my new light tent set up. I have it, but no bulbs yet.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Remembering the 70s ( this is for Lisa)

I vaguely recall this shampoo, but not too clearly. It might be because my family was in West Germany, probably using shampoo from the local PX, or maybe I was entering that foggy Teen phaze? I can't figure out what year this came out. So far all I've found is the 70s...

I was only a wee lass under 10 until 1973...hmmmm...anyone know when this came out?

Thursday, October 16, 2008

New Ring, very Old World Method

Whatcha think? I'm going to list this one, and offer as custom, these will take a bit longer to make than my Spinners. They are made with all sterling silver, no pre-made bezel cups (though if I can figure out how I will!), all just fusing silver together with strips of .999 silver in the most interesting way...tiny bits of solder used in between the bezel cups in the end. Polished (or patina) and then the bezels set using old school method with a riser.

Is it fit for Etsy?

I'm thinking of naming it Santee Circle for my family...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Same Day, No Nap, New Do, What do you Think?


Someone Dared Me Not To Take a Nap Today

My Friend Cynde and I, pretending to usher something special in from above on our Birthday Weekend, still more fun to come...Next week, 3rd row seats for John Hiatt!!!

Angelica (Left) and her cousin Cady (Right) are almost the same height. Angelica held Cady when she was just a teen little baby!!!

I finished my final and most creative order for this week. I have a hair appt at 3. My hair dresser will know I cheated on her (she wasn't available last time), oh well, also I'm cutting back on those types of "goodies" like hilites and now dyeing my own locks, can't wait to see her reaction. (Hair dressers are a little dramatic sometimes!) Not that artists are EVER...doh...(insert sarcasm toward self)
So I have a customer who ordered the most interesting sets (3) of stacking rings (9 total). I am now recovering from the Liver of Sulfur I just used. They are all black. Because she sort of went outside the box with this order I'm going to get pics, and list her order as a custom 'staple' in my Etsy shop...these were so much fun, I had to think about how I was going to pull this off.
Pics tomorrow I hope? Oooh, and my new "do", a Bob, very short one since my hair is not that long...yet...
BTW It is soooooooooooo gorgeous here in Northern Virgina, the whole DC Area is enjoying sunshine and nice temps!
Too bad the Redskins gave away that last field goal!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Better Pics - Hand Model

My sister in law has the most amazing long fingers...she really should give up her teaching career and just walk around with her hands in the air! (for the sake of ART)
I'm going to start offering this turquoise resin ring (all parts made by moi, except the stone, well I did crush it!) as a custom listing on Etsy...

This ring and cuff are available in my Etsy shop, but I had to have Becky model them, there's nothing like seeing an item in use.

This is my 3 band spinner with the 14k gold ball, I've sold one, there is one available in my shop, she does it justice!

This simple sweet ring is all sterling silver and turquoise, all made by me, with beaded round wire, hand made's sort of an ode to my Grandmother, I was thinking about her. Thinking of all her selfless ways she gave, and worked all those years at Chemawa.

This ring, Fracture, is available for purchas in my shop...I had to have her pose it...I'm so pleased with the way it came out. (btw the are roses from her garden)

This is my 3 spinner ring with a 14k round ball in the center, I've sold one and there is currenly one for sale in my shop, and this is it! I hope to make more! This shows how chunky the ring truly is!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

EZ-20 - EZcube 20" Thoughtful Hubby

What a sweetie he must have somehow seen my post in another blog, (trying to remember of the 3 I frequent who had a write up about this. For my birthday, today, I'm already looking forward to having outstanding pics. I want to show detail!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Oktoberfest or October Fest Free Shipping Everywhere from AutumnLeavesJewelry

Thanks to HeatherKnitzDesigns there's now a cohesive group of Etsians who are offering free shipping (details about individual items listed differently in each store) during the month of October, 2008. I signed on!

Link To Add your name to the Official 'October Fest' Free Shipping on Etsy at Heather Knitz Designs

Sunday, October 5, 2008

New Fall and Winter Items...

I'm excited about these, I absolutely fell in love with this pretty leafy pattern on this half round wire. It's fun to work with.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Reshooting Pieces

This is my biggest challenge, taking photos of my pieces that capture the essence of what I see. This seems to be more of a clear view of my necklace, and has a "nature" theme to it.

Friday, October 3, 2008

She's Unhinged - 3 Part Hinge

I did it...something I've been craving to learn for a while. Made my first sterling silver hinge. It is so ugly at this stage I dare not take a photo, because it is really just.a.hinge! But it moves, and it was a blast to make, and it's so ugly it's UGLY-BEAUTIFUL.
There's something about the mechanics of little movable things that draw me in. I'm taking more classes at the Art League (a part of The Torpedo Factory) in Alexandria, VA. Anyway, my focus this term are hinges. I'd love to incorporate them into jewelry, rings, brooches, you name it. would not believe how much fun it is to finish one and swing it baby! (also, the core of a pencil, lead (but not really lead) flashes and zaps when lit with a torch! (keep your goggles on, esp you Lisa!)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Gosh Darn it Who is Sarah Palin???

If these show as sold, you can just check and GOSH DARN IT SHE'LL HAVE MORE I'm SO SURE!

This one caught my leg, I mean eye! (KateBlack's shop on Etsy)

Well...I just had to, these Etsians are hilarious, they say everything I would like to, only they do it in such a funny way!!! These are very affordable and eye-catching! If you click on the links below each pin you will link to her shop and see for yourself the beauty in art, and capitalism

Fields of Gold Pendant Series 2

This was such a joy to make. I used 14k gold for the falling leaf effects and cut outs for the center of the flowers. Sterling silver backdrop with an 18" chain and clasp made by me. What do you guys think? I also texturized the backdrop a bit...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

I Miss Racing

It's an easy thing to say now that the season's over. But I do miss it...and I can't wait to see who came in near the top, Kristina or Kelly, or both! Next season I plan to be back in the grid with the girls and have some high energy fun! (and with hubby too) As long as I can get away with front gate work, and not shag those orange cones, I'll do it.