Thursday, August 28, 2008


I did have a video hello from me up earlier...and the sound was not matching my looked similar to (remember those Ultraman shows from Japan when you were a kid?) a dubbed video. Hubby swears he can adjust the new cam for me tonight. Maybe I need to talk at a slower pace? Dunno

Anyway I'm so excited during the Democratic National Convention 2 more Yes We Can 'Obama 2008' Earrings sold! Yay! Very sleepy this morning from staying up so late.

Finally a Logo for Autumn Leaves Jewelry!

Finally a Logo for Autumn Leaves Jewelry!
I love it, this person was able to take a spinner ring and actually make it look good in gray and white. Through her expertise I was able to pull together the following
Logo for Autumn Leaves Jewelry
Banner for
Banner for
Business card for Autumn Leaves Jewelry both horizontal and vertical

I am so thrilled. Now I'll get to work printing cards and remaking my Thank You cards using my logo. (I was using an ink stamp but it soon proved to be messy, and the wait time for it to dry was just too long)

One of the parts of running this business I love is putting my packages together for my customers! I like it all streamlined, and though my latest is pretty good, this will be better and more professional looking. I want you to be able to see my logo and know my product.
If you're interested in checking into logos/banners/business cards, etc please check out this person
She is also on Etsy at She has a jewelry store and does graphic design work.

She is also on Etsy at She has a jewelry store and does graphic design work.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Better Pics of Essy Earrings

The others seem so drab. Maybe it's because I'm feeling under the weather today...I hope these pop more...

Autumn's Essy Earrings in Sterling Silver

These remind me of driving on and Ess curve in North Carolina, The Dragon to be exact. I've been looking at this piece of metal for a while, after I shaped it and made it anticlastic. Finally last night it all hit, earrings! Chunky, sleek, mysterious looking, anticlastic. I thought about adding turquoise and decided to keep it sleek and silver. These can be worn to work, Casualy Friday, or just with a t-shirt and jeans. They are very chunky and polished to a high shine. I'm going to leave them to oxidize (tarnish) on their own, they will! I know essy isn't a real word, but Ess is, just wondering which I should use in my Etsy listing. Hmmm, Autumn’s Etsy Essy Earrings, nice alliteration? (or goofy name?)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Customer Appreciation Photo 'This Mama For Obama' Earrings

Actually, that's a feature on Etsy (appreciation photo) you can buy an item and send a photo along with your feedback. It's pretty cool. This one came right to me from my Cousin Marita who lives in Oregon. She's like a younger sister (not THAT much younger...jk)We grew up spending many summers and some winter times together, of course she's visited Back East several times. I think she looks very beautiful and of course Native American in this photo. It seemed befitting to have this blog entry to show she's wearing her 'This Mama For Obama' earrings her mom just received on the eve of the Democratic National Convention in Denver. (Thank you Auntie Jill for your order!!!). 10% went to his campaign! Double yay!

If you have any photos wearing any of my creations I would LOVE to show them (and You) on my blog!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

LisasLovlies Earring Give Away and her new Video Blog


Please check out my friend Lisa's blog. She is incredibly talented (just look at her work, then her sales). Besides that she's a wonderful person and has bravely begun a video blog. (I'll be doing the same soon...maybe) Anyway this is about her, not me, so...I thought those of you who know and love her work, or would like to be introduced to her amazing talents could check out her blog. Sign up to win a pair of her Lovely earrings.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 <---(this is the blog entry date for her give-away)
LisasLovliesBlog to sign up for her free earrings!

Would you like to WIN a pair of these lovelies? this is a link to her shop and a pair of these lovelies, looks like they sold but she will make many more - even a pair for you!!!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

AutumnLeavesJewelry Supports Barack Obama

New Chunky Long size shown next to regulare size Yes We Can Obama 2008 Earrings

Hi! I will be donating a percentage of each of my Obama items listed in my Etsy shop to his campaign. I would love to meet the goal of donating 1000$ (as you can see on my Obama blog.) 10% from sales of my Obama earrings will be donated. I am a small e-business owner. I'm an artist and a jeweler and make silver and gold smithed items. All shippng cost for the earrings are free to Anywhere. These are high quality, all hand made, hand stamped earrings. It would mean so much for this artist to have you show your support through my creations.
My Obama earrings can be found at
under the section Obama
My Barack Obama Blog
Find Obama Earrings for donation here at

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Dreamer Spinner Ring in Silver for Etsy Shop

Having a good time playing with new Spinner rings in between orders for clients. This one is all sterling silver, stamped the word 'Dreamer' and slightly oxidized. I also used thick beaded sterling wire for the spinner part, which has been hammered so it will spin without scratching.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

SSK K2TOG Knitting Instruction Earrings from Autumn Leaves Jewelry

It's that time of year when the kiddies head back to school. When there's a hint of fall approaching because the crickets are going mad with their noisy chatter. One cool day may even make one giddy over the thought of change of seasons.
For me it means - what can I knit for someone I love? These will be available in varying type of fun instructions depending on what you want to say. Do you Knit in the Round? Are you Continental or do you Throw? South Paw knitter or are you a beginner and you've just discovered how much fun it is to knit?
These are available from my Etsy Shop. AutumnLeavesJewelry at Etsy

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ian Parry and Elle Moss

These are a couple of my favorite photographers. One is a cranky but lovable bloke who lives across The Pond; the other is a young woman who I don’t know too well. (I don't think they know each other) Both have entranced me with their work. I’ve purchased a photo from each.
Ian Parry’s work made me literally cry (a good kind of cry), there is something so beautifully haunting and mysterious about his black and white photos. The Eye from London did it. I cried and bought the photograph. I don’t know why I cried, probably because I’m a moody person? Maybe because it reminded me of the 2 weeks my husband and I spent over there and fell in love with all of England. Or maybe Ian just captured an angle of the wheel that made me think of a little kid looking up at a big ride.
Elle’s work is surreal, friendly, also mysterious and captivating. I couldn’t decide which piece to buy. I chose this one with the tea cups because it’s one of those images that stays with you. The colors and perspective are amazing!
In me - it evokes things we balance in our lives (almost in a playful way). We have to sit back and ask ourselves are these worries/tasks real and worth keeping them in the air? Are they just playful tea cups that we might have control over because we need to feel we have some sort of control.
Both artists make me feel like I’m dreaming when I see their work. Here are links to their shops on Etsy, please check out their work!
Elle Moss Photography
Ian Parry

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Weekend Ring Smithing

Most of these are for clients. I would love to improve my photography skills.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

AutumnLeavesJewelry This Mama For Obama Earrings

Amidst the steady flow of sterling silver stacking rings, and the spinner rings I receive this sort of order which I LOVE to make for you!

Jethro TULL and Jack's Good Luck Charm

I know he has one it's hidden somewhere...we'll never know really. Who cares? He got us great seats for a concert we'd all been eyeing for a long time, Jethro Tull at Wolf Trap! (you see, Jack always finds great seats for our concert going habit) I'm going to dig up my old Tull concert ticket from the 70's, which I believe was at the old Capitol Center where all the big bands played.
My only fears about tonight are:
1.Sitting at a red light behind a very bad driver en route (because of sweet 88 year old driver hitting me yesterday at a red light, he was in front of me, totally random act, what are the odds it could happen again?)

2.Jack locking keys in car

3.Gnat bites

4.Seeing too much of Ian Anderson's kilt (or not enough of)

5.My left ear going totally deaf because of sound, I guess I'mg getting old too!

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Autumn Leaves Jewelry Honey Drop Earrings

These are going to be timeless, it took me hours to come up with the design as I carried the 2 pieces of bent wire around with me yesterday. I'd sit and read and look over at them and think about how I could keep the design very simple and quite familiar.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Robert Plant & Alison Krauss/ Please Read The Letter Vid

Wow! First time I saw this I expected Plant to start wailing lines from Black Dog or some other Led Zep song. Alison and Plant make an unusually fantastic duo.