Friday, May 30, 2008

John Hiatt Have A Little Faith Vid

Etsy Promo Item, Free Sterling Silver Stacking Ring

With each purchase, I'm now offering a sterling silver stacking ring in your size. When you go to check out simply send me a message to indicate your size. :-)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

New Fathers Day Gift Guide Spot on Etsy Link

I feel pretty fortunate about having another item chosen for a small spotlight. I've had lots of joy making these customized markers for this Fathers Day...and someone's wedding day.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Dreamy New Silver and Gold Spinner Ring

14k gold spinner, not hammered, 14 gauge. Sterling silver, very chunky, good weight, and very flared edges. U.S. size 7, it's available in my Etsy Shop.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Fathers Day Showcase on Etsy Direct Linky

Had pie for breakfast and am awaiting the sound of the first dog bark in our neighborhood...a sign I may begin to hammer. It's time to start inventory build up for the Holidays. My hands want to create more anticlastic pieces. which means a lot of annealing and hammer hammer hammer...why is bending metal so satisfying?

Friday, May 23, 2008

An Unusual Ring for Etsy, or Me?

Haven't decided. It was completed Wednesday. I really like it. (though there's nothing kinetic about it)

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Origami Thank You Cards

these are so easy and super fun to make, when sales are slow. (I type these words as the dryer buzzes and the floors call out to be vacuumed)

I would love to do a tutorial on how to make these...maybe someone needs a vid cam for Fathers Day? Hmmm...

How to Set a Bezel for an Irregular Stone/Piece

These are bezel hand tools, I use the top one most, each has a purpose, they're sold all over, Rio Grande, Contenti, probably Harbor Freight?

Bezel Burnishing Tools

Bezel Pusher

Bezel Roller

Initially I wanted to use pictures because that's how I learn...however, the day demands many other things but I wanted to get this information up so it can be bookmarked or printed. Here's a start, later I'll add pics for those of you who learn like I do. Or maybe a vid...

Making a silver bezel for an irregular shaped cab/stone/glass…

Wrap your .999 silver around the piece you plan to set, mark with a sharpie. Cut. File so the ends meet perfectly. Shape your .999 bezel like a “D” and solder along the straight line area of the D. (Technically you don’t need solder to connect .999, but I always do)

Pickle, carefully clean with old toothbrush and baking soda with water to neutralize and clean remaining fire scale from bezel rim.
Check your seam if it is 100% closed (hold up to a light source) then you’re good to go. If not, cut at seam, or saw, file again and resolder.
Once you have your bezel rim ready check it again so it fits around your irregular piece. You should be able to pick up the piece while cabochon/sea glass stays in place, but not too tight so it won’t come out the other end.
Carefully mold around piece careful to keep walls of bezel straight.
With sharpie outline piece as it sits on your sterling sheet and indicate as which direction your piece will sit N,S, E, W, or Top Bottom, yada yada.
Very carefully remove the bezel to keep its shape. Flux both sides of sterling silver sheet. (Make sure your sterling bezel bottom is pretty close to the size you want to end up with. If you use a micro torch like I do at home, it will take away a lot of your heat.

Place the bezel carefully onto the outlined bottom where sharpie indicates. Place solder pieces around the perimeter of bezel edge. Do this on OUTSIDE since you want your cab to be able to fit inside.
Gently work the piece up with heat, making sure bottom piece is hot, but careful not to burn away the edge of the bezel (.999 silver sheet). Work your flame around and around the bottom of the bezel where it meets the wall of .999 silver. (pray, jk) As soon as your flux goes that glorious bright melty silver use your heat to invite it around your piece.
Pickle and neutralize/clean with baking soda, rinse.

Finish the piece before setting:
Do you need a hole in the bottom of the piece? Do you want a large open area for the stone/glass? Are you putting a decorative edge on, or filing downedges of bezel to a clean corner? Need a bail? When done with all of this it’s time to make your seat for the bezel.

Making your bezel seat:

Take scrap silver, preferable round wire, or if needed bezel strip (which can be cut down in size/height, even filed down), cut to size. Cut it so it’s a tad larger than the inside of your bezel and coil into a circle. (This is where it will sit) Let it spring open inside the bottom of your empty bezel and try the stone/cab/glass setting atop, play around with the ‘seat’ without the cab until it is situated where you want it, it should be aligned against the walls, or near them and out of view, and able to hold up your cab to the height you want.
Set your stone! (glass/cab, yada yada)

Masking tape works well for covering your cab while you gently begin to bevel and burnish your edges over the final piece.

New Spinners for Etsy

Trying to keep up with inventory on the days when I can. Made these yesterday, just listed on Etsy.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

More New Jewelry for Etsy

SSK K2TOG oh how we learned didn't we Cynde?

Knit Purl Earrings for Etsy

I love these! They're quirky and sweet, all hand made, well minus to little drops.
More to come...(I'm digging my new stamps)

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Cusomize Your Fathers Day Golf Ball Marker on Etsy

I thought I'd offer this and so far have had a decent beginning reposnse. My Fathers Day golf ball marker made it into Etys's Fathers Day Gift Guide Section. This made me smile.

Busy Saturday with Custom Orders for Etsy

I love my job :-)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Go Etsy Brats Team!

Spent today away at a studio and came home to this, how sweet! As a member of EtsyCrest (DC Area Etsians) and EtsyBrats, (former Brat, always a military kid at heart)we do fun things to help each other promote our pieces. This one is quite funny methinks. I like that my Please Pass The Peas Pretty Please Earrings are right next to a Guiness, and love the upside down baby!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fathers Day Golf Ball Marker for Etsy

Dad has everything by now right? Does he have a hand crafted sterling silver ball marker picked out by you, just for him? This is a lovely piece by AutumnLeavesJewelry he'll treasure for years, and after his first lucky Eagle, it'll always be with him on those sunny, rainy playable golf days! You pick his monogram or simply 'DAD' for this one of a kind gift.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Artisan of the World ad Featuring AutumnLeavesJewelry by artisanimpact

My first ad (of more to follow I hope), here is page 9 of this lovely book artisanimpact is publishing. It will have a very large range of viewers, I believe in the range of 80,000. Not only is the book going to be fantastic eye candy for anyone who loves art, the guys at artisanimpact and artisanlook are amazing jewelers. If you are an artist please contact them for future marketing ventures, and of course check out their amazing jewelry.
Here is what they say about their book:
'Artisan of the world is a printed catalog production which centers on handcrafted work by which international artisans (on-line sellers), from Etsy and others participate in. The catalog will include an opening article on the topic of on-line trade as well as handcraft art work and will be divided to categories.'
For more information about this book please check out their site on Etsy atartisanimpact @ Etsy

Thursday, May 8, 2008

LisasLovlies at Amazing Simplicity!

I just have to say this person is so creative and in the zone...her name is Lisa, and she's Lovely. Her work is consistently creative and its obvious she has a steady hand. Thought I'd show you her shop on Etsy and her blog. After checking out her pieces and then her sales it's no wonder the talent she exudes.
LisasLovlies at Etsy

her blog is

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Sunrise Sunny Side Up

Another beautiful day here...I was climbing a dune yesterday - after sea glass hunting (the bottom portion of the wooden walkway to the sand with steep steps was knocked out by a nor'easter 3 weeks ago). I'm cussing up a storm because I keep sliding down. At the top I see a woman peering down at me with sunglasses and a pony tail. My first thought was how horrified I felt that a nice looking lady stranger would hear me sound like a sailor!
Her words were
"Carolyn, is that you? Carolyn?"
What are the odds?

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

John Hiatt Says it Best

Drive South, great song! Okay, I don't think he wrote anything about OBX, but we are South. (for you JM)

First (sort of) attempt at stamping, I smuggled some work from home. Lining up a clean row? Me thinks there are plenty of tricks, and I just don't have the resources here. Masking tape? Line the stamp directly above? Might work... also noting the subtleties in stamping on thicker copper vs. thin .999 silver.

Sea Glass from OBX

Finish the puzzle first or find a decent piece of sea glass? (the remaining part of the puzzle is allllll ocean waves now matey, ARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!)All bets are on for finding more sea glass first...
Looking forward to making some OBX sea glass pieces for Etsy ;-)

Monday, May 5, 2008

Say What?

3 fat gofers having a conversation and a little birdie listening in? This was taken outside our favorite coffee shop.

Wish You Were Here

Missed the sunrise, which is a good thing, we actually slept! Birdies are chirping, waves a rollin, and oh my my the trash truck is moving, sounds like home (minus the ocean waves).

Had a hard rain last night, hoping for some old pirate sea glass finds, Arrrr Matey! Brought the new metal stamps and scrap metal and a hammer.

Friday, May 2, 2008

hoo-ha! New Tools!

Hot dang! I got my new tools in (just now) I actually had to wash my hands before opening a UPS box...can you imagine? I was outside weeding (as in gardening).I think I know what the father in A Christmas Story felt like when he got his "Frag-eeeel-eeee" box. Arrrr better than a woman's leg lamp, methinks I got a treasure. Little things I've needed in my own studio. Stamps, numbers...the alphabet! Hoo-ha! muwaha haha haaaaaaaaaaaa...and a ring sizer for thick banded rings.

So I was thinking of hoo-ha and did a wiki search. Here's the link, the funny part is you can hear it sounded out in American English, and Cross the Pond English.

Hoo HA!
Say it loud Hoo Ha!