Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Summer Silver and Gold Spinner Ring

Okay, I had to make something fun in between the gold rings, not that gold rings aren't fun to make, but I find the kinetic quality magical.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mookite Pendant

Thought I would take pics of this and list on Etsy. Mookite is a funny name for a pretty stone.

Monday, April 28, 2008

OCD Before Vacation Mode

As our holiday nears I find myself wondering which mode to try?
Full Vacation, sell nothing on Etsy-
Partial Mode, I'm online, and have non-custom orders I can send, but no guarantee for Mother's Day arrival-
Or No vacation mode, but indicate I will not be taking custom orders until such-n-such a date. hmmm...what to do-

Up since 5am I managed 4 orders out the door to the post office and en route to their happy new homes. I did not OCD at home, the items were tumbled, shined, thank you notes written, and invoices printed labels made, yada yada.

I did OCD at the post office. Oh my...gosh...of course all of my paperwork for out-of-country forms and in-country insurance were filled out at home. (i believe i'm a star postal customer at my local PO) What drove me nuts was the postal worker not seeming to press down on the stickers hard enough. Finally, (it driving me insane) I reached over gently and pressed, the postal worker stopped mid stamping and looked up, our eyes locked, I grinned and nervously said "I have OCD, it's not you." For some reason she thought that was kind of funny. Its actually a tad painful because when I leave the building I worry the stickers (postage,insurance,customs) etc, will fall off.
Oh well, it's not like I'm using the re-gifted labeler from Elaine on Seinfeld. Must let things go.
On that note, I’m going to take a break and practice Origami. ;p That should be relaxing!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Alyyson's Red Sea Glass Pendant Fini

Finally, I think she turned out quite lovely. I love chunky styles. The bezel walls needed to be high to accommodate the glass. At the same time I wanted to show some sort of organic lines which come across along the bottom wall of the bezel. I threw in the tiny heart, which is almost distorted unless you look close. The curves remind me a little of Dali's melting clocks. (It seems important to show the back of ones work)

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Happy Fif!@th Miller!

The little boy who was only three

yes he really was once 23

became middle aged and (well you can guess the next number!)

More Sea Glass Pendant Action

How about it? I recently began adding sea glass items to my Etsy shop. I have so much, nothing rare like Alyyson's pretty red find. (I'm working on it this morning Alyyson) I made this piece a year ago, and a fellow artisan made the blue glass bead. It seems to help the piece pop. I didn't want to mess around with oxidzing the chain. I made sure she spins. ;-)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Pea Pod Earrings

So much for taking today's very rainy here, hoping tomorrow the sun will shine and I can get some better shots of these and others I've made...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Alyyson's Red Sea Glass Setting

The glass naturally wants to sit the way it sits. (Think of a person doing yoga in Childs Pose) The outer bezel will be thick, substantial sterling silver; I think it should be curvy and round. The stone is sort of sqaurish. (yea yea that's not a real word) Inside the thick outer bezel I'll insert a fine silver bezel wall where I can shape it to the stone. The eye will notice the shape of the overall piece, round, and the center of the whole piece as red sea glass in its own shape.

For Two Days it's Clickable

From Ireland To D.C. a showcase of artists chosen by Yours Truly in a "treasury" Please click and check it out, you'll see some beautiful work!!!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Red Sea Glass Bezel Setting for Alyyson

An Alchemy request from an Etsian in photo essay form. She sent me a rare piece of sea glass to be set in a sterling silver bezel. I love making rings, but now this will get my mind to bend in other diretions. Really looking forward to the process.
I've annealed a flat piece of silver which is very thick, to thin down a little to act as the bottom of the bezel. Still looking at silver for the actual bezel sides...

Side front curve view...

Flat view I think should be used as back of open bezel

Ahhh, flat view of what I think should be front of setting as it shows a bit of "edge" and other color...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Red Bobble Sea Glass

Oh joy! Each corner you turn can lift your spirits when you are feeling down. I get to be creative and set a gorgeous piece of deep red sea glass for a client this week. It just arrived in the mail and when I held have to hold a piece of yummy rare sea glass and you'll know how it felt!
I'll take pics when it's done.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Simple Lines Silver and Gold Ring

Hammer hammer hammer, I loved moving the metal around and trying to make a ring using mostly cold connections. This is a size 8 sterling silver ring with a 14k Gold bar "acting" as the top of the ring. I'm not sure if I want to list it on Etsy, or keep this one for myself. So far I have not kept any...

I would love feedback on this baby before I decide to list on Etsy...anyone?

Silver Spinner with Gold Ball, Relisted on Etsy and Reshot

Hoping this photo is better...

Creativity Bubbling Over

Egads. Ever have a period of time where you have 3 projects going, maybe 1 will pan out? Thoughts of to-do list items are running amok in your brain? All the while you know you need to get better photos of 2 rings? Yet you have a feeling based on recent convo someone is about to purchase more 14k gold stacking rings, so your day will be filled sizing? (No complaints about selling the rings!)

Ever wish there were 2 of you? Right now the 2nd me would be making another cuppa, watering the wilting plants inside my office and putting tools away from last night. (ooooooohhh yes, and giving myself a shoulder massage!) And while the 2nd me is at it, how about a trip to the gym? (Maybe run the vacuum?) Nah, I wouldn't make the 2nd me do a sucky job like that! She would be giving me a much needed pedicure ;-)

The real you is still going GADZOOKS at not putting business cards in orders that went out in the US Mail yesterday. And right as I walked downstairs with items all packaged with thank you cards, yada yada, my Moo stickers came, (another very sweet and clever marketing tool) and btw, if you don't Moo you should But oh well, the items were beautifully made, and hopefully all 3 will go to the corresponding address of person who purchased.

And now, the real me, the only me, me number 1 is going downstairs to brew another cuppa and have a stretch...and recall the days when Bart was sooo cute, not jumping off hubby's armoire at stupid-thirty in the morning knocking half the contents onto the floor. So I do, I think of Bart as a little bitty kitty boy...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Allie's Ring

Complete and ready to send. :-) 14k Gold - textured, 2 Sterling Silver spinners, US size 6.5

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

SavageArtworks Portrait of our Cat

Photos of your pets are lovely, though nothing compares to having them captured in a painting. This artist Terry, from SavageArtworks managed to pick up on the most subtle details of what we love about our beloved Boy! Our boy is having a rough time, (I've mentioned the Sub q fluid iv in a previous post). Well he's been putting up with all this like a really Kitty Man for about 5 months and he's still got that amazing aura about him.

With only 3 photos to work from and a few things I mentioned to Terry about his personality she really brought his sweetness to the canvas. He is always reaching out a paw for someone to touch. That's just how he is.

I would highly recommend this person to make a lasting impression for you of your lovely pet.

Here is a listing from her shop on Etsy for Custom Pet Portrait.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Good Morning Earrings

Finally! I made a pair I love, and hope to sell over and over. These were a blast to make. The discs where domed a little, then oxidized. Ear wires given a round ball at the end and kept unoxidized. The long shape of the ear wires adds a little curvy beauty to the rest of the structure. At the bottom a tiny pearl adds that sweet touch.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Making Fun Chunky Earrings for Etsy

Would love feedback on how pics look, and I have no idea how to price these little pretties!

Earwires made be my, 20 gauge sterling silver, silver hoops made by me, formed and hammmered, added little swarovski crystal, green

And These:
Red Square glass millefiori earrings, with earwires made by yours truly