Friday, February 29, 2008

or Drink Me?

Ha! I actually cleaned my downstairs (all but the dusting) oh yeah and the...anyway, I had to check out the Etsy shop, something was calling to me and no I didn't get a convo. Just had a feeling, weird. Anyway what I'm trying to say is someone chose me to be in their treasury (the curator) like my Alice sweet Alice in Wonderland is featured. I would love for her to find a home.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Petite Sterling Silver Rings for Etsy

Well heck, I do love these. They are so lightweight yet they still move. All Sterling silver, you can see the width of the band by the size of my finger. I decided to oxidize these. Do you like them?

Awaiting baked potato from Wholey Foods from hubby. My Haruki Murakami book, 'Underground' is beckoning...

Beautiful Things Come From Losing Sleep

More 14k gold stackable rings for Etsy. Nick approved them and gave me many tips using gold. I'm happy with the pics, very...different.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Etsy 14k Gold Ring

Sweet and simple - yet elegant and understated. (do I sound like Elaine when she worked for Peterman’s?) I hope so...;p

This was a custom order...and it was fun.
(actually 2 are going out to this buyer)

Monday, February 25, 2008

New Low? New High? New Low High? Knight Rider...

Etsy sells "Vintage" items. I have OCD. I'm a collector. I bounce from one collection to another. Currently I have several of these types of lunch boxes. I Googled and found the Knight Rider box ranges in price from 50$ to 135$, mine does not have the thermos. But hey, it is David Hasselhoff, he was the Knight Rider. So anyhow, intead of cluttering my house I thought I'd "destash" my collectibles. I don't need them, it seems silly to keep them. I didn't "make" it like i did all my pretty jewelry. But...Etsy allows Vintage items (vintage on Etsy = items 20years older)

Etsy Destash

Trying out new light box I made this morning, this one is an actual 12x12x12, the first was 16" wayyy to big. Not much morning light. Need to sell these gold filled earwires on Etsy. Not sure these pics will do...

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Dominos Pizza Delivery from DC to NYC

This almost seems surreal. I didn't have to speak with a real person; I simply logged onto the Dominos site, entered my daughter’s dorm room address and picked out items to be delivered. As I type this I'm also watching (in another screen) the Dominos Pizza Tracker, so far all items are in "bake" process. (note- i did order a salad, side of other goodies and drinks) Oh wow, it's now being boxed. They are fast! This is better than UPS! (I love UPS because I can continually track my items) This is a bit similar to watching the buttons while in a car wash though, not too exciting. Okay, no way, it's being delivered already? Well...let's see if it arrives and they get it before security can resist the smells. You see our daughter is taking this semester off, and her boyfriend and Dad are helping her move out today. Our cat cannot go a day without his Sub Q IV, so...the least I can do is make lunch!

Friday, February 22, 2008

A brief profile on Eve Hennessa, a prophetic artist in Washington DC

Eve is an artist living in D.C. This is a video spotlighting her views on her art.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Turquoise and Silver Birds Nest Ring for Etsy

Well, it's apparent I need my tripod back, or maybe purchase a new one. I love this tiny ring, it fits on my pinky, and the pinky really needs love too! Not sure yet if the picture quality is good enough to put up on Etsy...yet

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Taking Advantage of Morning Light Reshoot

Okay...I shot this lovely a whle back, on grey wool, doh! Wasn't thinking clearly? No matter- the light is flooding into my studio this morning making it a perfect opportunity to reshoot this gold and sivler stitch marker pin. I've sold 1 one Etsy, and I think if my pics are all very clear more will sell.(Sandra I know you never read my blog....grrr for lending you my tripod just now, lol Hope you take some good pics.) These were taken from a stool, no tripod. Mac setting, flash off, inside my light box, morning light streaming in. The few I took with my hands turned out as if they were shot from a little puddle jumper plane! (or from atop a washer on spin cycle)

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Silver and 14k Gold Dash Ring

Can't think of another name, brain is cloudy, maybe later something will click. I made this yesterday at the studio, and had much needed input from Sandra and Nick. Managed to catch the morning light in my light box, would still love more views of the ring.

I love the 3 silver rings, slightly hammered, the middle ring a bit larger with a small round bead of 14k Gold which one can spin and spin...

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Varmits in the Soffit

After a month of dealing with scary sounds above our bedroom -of skittering feet and squeaks and little bumps in the night we called a "no kill" trapping varmit place. We're not vegetarians, or vegans, or hippies, or anything you could classify really, we're just dorks living in the DC Metro Area and we have varmits entering our soffit to live and breed and play. Isn't that a cool word? I just used it today in a sentence to another human and he asked me "what's a soffit?" That doesn't usually happen with me. Just 2 days ago I asked the huge Lumber Jack man standing in my foyer "what's a soffit?" The soffit is where my varmits, (now identified as squirrels), are entering and living. So these 2 big Paul Bunyan looking men climbed the back of the house, set some traps with little peanuts for the squirrels and all week will be trapping and monitoring the little critters till they vacate our soffit. The clever entry ways will be closed off to prevent future squatting of varmits in our soffit.

Our cat Bart eats varmits all the time (that's him in the pic when he was just a kitten, his mom taught him to hunt, tsk tsk), he is fullly grown and now runs up to the front of the house, sets it down, plays with it a little. Then starts in on the head (if you are a vegetarian please don't read on). After getting the cranial area crunched down he goes for the gold, the critters body, all the way to the tail.

I guess we're paying all this money to this Trapper John outfit so I can feel better about what Bart does...I just couldn't stand the thought of big guys going to find the sweet little family and zapping them. They deserve the same chances as the rest of us at staying warm and raising a family.

Check out the Wikipedia page on Soffit

Have a listen to the word soffit

oh dear, this is interesting too, my use of the word varmit

Friday, February 8, 2008

Etsy Turquoise Silver Earrings Take Two

Okay, another attempt to take pics of the earrings hanging, I think this is pretty good, i'll add to Etsy.

What a day, it's only 10am, dropped the digi cam down the stairs (it still works!) vacuumed the house, dropped a hanging plant (note - get hubby to hang one of those anchor kinda things so i can hang a heavy plant) all over hubby's office, had lots of dirt and toofpicks to clean up. Oh yeah, there was a (random) box of open toofpicks nearby, they spilled, all over, worse than Pick Up Stix.

Hubby drugged me with too strong coffee, i'll be buying some at Greenberry's today...Decaf! (will that counteract the caffiene buzz?)...gotta make it to UPS and be awake for Sandra's 4 hour jewelry show set-up time...(i'm helping) though if she reads this, she may recant my offer to help.

...and God Bless our Boy Puddy Pud, he is sleeping right next to me on the couch, snoring...just like hubby.

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Etsy Turquoise and Silver Earrings

So, there's always a flicker of light in the midst of utter chaos.

Trying to get the pics for these two earrings just so. They were made yesterday at the Studio. I really need a more powerful light source.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Destashing and Decluttering my Studio

My cousin will be receiving a 6 lb box of beads and findings I've had for years and know I won't use. I also sent my Aunt Jill a box of knitted baby items for my cousin Joe. Still, walking into my studio is a sort of an artsy obstacle course. Methinks it's time to put the skeins of yarn into the closet. Make permanent space for my light box, tripod, lights and Dremel. (I really dislike clutter.) There is a sense of freedom when it comes to letting things go. Maybe I'll take a pic of my studio, before and after? Maybe just after...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Etsy Gift Guide

I booked a slot in the Etsy Gift Guide for today...for a pair of valentine earrings, i'm pretty excited. It's rare to see one of your items stay within the same area on Etsy, there are so many Etsians

you'll see lots of lovely items...mine are in there...some...where...maybe surrounded by a red heart?

Sunday, February 3, 2008

Tom Petty Best Halftime Show

He sang live and he rocked out the stage! It's heartwarmnig to know there are still amazing bands out there who will actually sing and play for you. A large neon red heart appeared in the middle of the dark field which was pulsating- then was punctuated by an arrow rolling toward it down the field. Lights, camera, speakers...remember what Neil Young said in an old song?
'Live Music Is Better bumper stickers should be issued!'

Songs Petty sang:

American Girl
I Wont Back Down
Runnin Down A Dream
Free Falling

What? wiki hasn't included this information yet, it's 8:52 EST

Friday, February 1, 2008

Lit from Above Etsy Earrings

Okay so I tried again, with both pairs...I've yet to list the second pair up on Etsy. worked on a pendant (valentine themed) and feel it still needs a little work before i can let er go.

Still not satisified with the way the earrings turned out photographed dangling on their black velvet stand...hmmmm must think of other types of props.