Saturday, December 29, 2007

Create...and then, pet cats, read a little more, (secretly wish you were the writer of such amazing prose)<---because this is the 3rd time reading said book. Smile when you recall giving Puds the Sub Q fluids and managing to do chores and finish a custom ring...all the while the dryer keeps buzzing. It's only 11am and there is no guilt when you slither off to the best coffee shop in the area who offers free wifi. The same homeless lady is there, you offer her another drink, she accepts, this time you ask her name, a shorter version of your own. You smile. Later while eating your egg salad sandwich at the same coffee shop (with free water!) you wonder if she would like 1/2, then scold yourself inside for being over motherly to another grownup. Lots of folks come and go while you sit there along with a few other fixtures and you're working on your 2nd drink (3 if you count the free water). You wish your friends were back in town from their holiday and when are the kitchen floor people coming to install? Amy Winhouse sings above the sentences and giggles of other patrons and you love this song, Back to Black, even if she is highly troubled you pray she gets better.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Silver and Gold Knit Marker Pin

What can I say? I love making these little beauties. Added this time are 2 10 karat gold round knit markers to the sterling silver round knit markers. My first one sold on Etsy, it was a bittersweet parting. This one (of course) is for sale on Etsy as well.

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Mini Charlie Brown Sweater

This seemed to work out fine; I used the first of the two patterns I posted on the 18th. It's all done in one piece which is fine, but there is a discrepancy in the pattern, I'll need to make corrections. Either that or I came up with my own numbering system...

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Back to starting position, Christmas Mini Sweater

This sounds more like it, but I'll try both. Methinks the first Mini sweater listed below will have arms which stick tree trunks...instead of little tree trunks, saplings, but saplings like popsicle sticks, you know, egads, a T...for a sweater, not enough movement...

will try this first...

Materials: about 25 oz worsted weight wool. Size 6 needles,
crochet hook, and a small amount of extra yarn in a contrasting
color. Sweater ornament finishes about 5 inches long.

Gauge is not really important, but I was probably knitting 5.5
stitches/inch (22 stitches to 10 cm).

Instructions: Cast on 17 stitches. Work K1, P1 ribbing for 6
rows, ending on the wrong side. Keep the edge stitches in garter
Work 8 rows stockinette stitch. Last row on wrong side.
Begin seed stitch tree: Row 1-- K7, p3, k7.
Row 2 and all even rows: Purl across.
Row 3: K7, p3, k7.
Row 5: K4, p9, k4.
Row 7: K5, p7, k5.
Row 9: K6, p5, k6.
Row 11: K7, p3, K7.
Row 13: K8, p1, K8.
Work two more rows in stockinette stitch. At the end of the second
row, cast on 9 stitches for one sleeve. Turn work and work first
4 stitches in garter stitch for the cuff. Work rem stitches in
stockinette. At end of row, cast on 9 stitches for the other
sleeve. Turn work, and work first and last four stitches of every
following row in garter stitch, remainder in stockinette. Knit
about 3 or 4 rows, ending on the wrong side.

Make buttonhole for neck opening: Knit 9 (sleeve), knit 6 (shoulder),
cast off 5, knit 6, knit 9. Next row, K4, p5 (sleeve), p6
(shoulder), cast on 5, p6, p5, k4.

Work another 3 or 4 rows, to match the front of the sleeve. Cast
off the sleeve stitches, then work the sweater back to match the
sweater front, omitting the tree.

Finishing: Fold the sweater, wrong sides together, and mattress-stich
the sides and sleeves. Pick up about 11 stitches around the
neckline, and work K1, P1 ribbing back and forth for about an inch
(if you're really ambitious, feel free to do this on DPNs). Seam
the neckline so that the seam falls to the outside, and fold the
neckband over for a turtleneck.

Pattern Used for Charlie Brown Mini Sweater

Not vital

Everyone says knitting miniature sweaters is a breeze, I just don't want itty bitty thread and teeny weeny double pointed needles, I want this...(listed below) Needles appropriate for yarn....going to giver a go. This pattern also boasts knitting in one piece, yeah!

Worsted weight yarn
Needles appropriate for yarn

CO 14 sts.
Purl 1 row.
Work 4 rows K1, P1 ribbing.
Work 14 rows St st.
Beginning Of Sleeve
Using the Cable Cast On or Knit Cast On, CO 8 sts, K across.
CO 8 sts, P across.
Work 6 rows St st, knitting first and last 3 sts of every row.
Beginning Of Neck Opening
K10, BO 10 sts, K10.
P10, CO 10 sts, P10.
Work 6 rows St st.
End Of Sleeve
BO 8 sts, K across.
BO 8 sts, P across.
Work 14 rows St st.
Work 4 rows K1, P1 ribbing.
BO 14 sts.

Sew side and sleeve seams. Weave in ends on WS.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Circles and Sea Color for a Grey Day

Sometimes just looking over your shoulder at something new can inspire. I was on the Etsy website checking out other artists work and found this...isn't it beautiful?

Check out her shop at Etsy at for more goodies.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

i miss the sun i miss the race

how many more string of grey days lay ahead? dark in the morning dark in the early evenings, done knitting for the holidays...i miss shadows and green, i miss racing...the smell of tires burning up on the hot pavement (though I often whined about the heat or my slow times) could i have ever given it up? days are closing in and books offer the feel of existing in other worlds...i miss walking outside into blue skies...instead i walk into coffee shops with free wifi and wait for my brainwaves to catch the next wave of creativity. waiting for the sun...
sometimes i dream about racing and spinning out...the best way to lose control
i miss sharing the grid with #41, he's the best...

Monday, December 10, 2007


Dear Angelica sweetest of the sweets. Here you go. You know which ones I need to have critiqued?

Love you

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Knitting all the Gauntlets

I'm zipping right through these, as they will be gifts for Christmas. However, most all of them (even the smaller or larger) look so dang good on my hands I want to keep them. The kitchen is almost put back together (it was gutted) but we're still living on fridge food, nuked food, fruit, to-go food and our friends lovely home made meals.

Being an at-home artist allows me to be here when the granite people come, or Alfredo needs to sand more drywall...though sometimes I feel like a hostage in my own house. Aaron plays excellent music while he works, and if I'm lucky I catch him belt out a line from a tune, it makes me giggle.

To give you an idea of how disruptive having a kitchen remodeled can be our couch is less than 10 feet from our TV, hubby is in heaven. He's in for some shock when everything gets moved back into place.

My living room also looks as if the knitting gods took over...IOW beware of the skeins, bags of skeins, stray double pointed get the picture.

Making our morning coffee is like walking a slow cramped obstacle course. I'm sure the neighbors have seen us in our jammies while grabbing milk and other items from our fridge which is positioned smack next to our huge front window. Lovely.

All of this really doesn't matter, we are blessed we can reach for an apple or get fresh cold milk. We're grateful for what we have and just like to bitch about how cramped living can get.

The good news from my end is all the knitting accomplished at the coffee shop (when Alfredo is sanding and sending dust throughout the house - I flee) The free WiFi and yummy hot coffee drinks. I think I've had about 6-8 egg salad sandwiches from this special coffee shop.

Puddles is past his 20th Sub Q morning dose and he's a super laid back sort of way.

Here's my latest, to give an idea of what I'm knitting, the gauntlets. This was taken yesterday as I have also cranked out several Sterling Silver Knit Marker Pins, they are lovely and I just put my first up for sale on ;-)AutumnLeavesJewelry I'll never use the plastic markers again...I've gone GREEN