Tuesday, November 27, 2007

How Can I Keep From Felting?

How can I keep from felting? A rhetorical question I know let me backtrack. After waking and shaking my dreams and moon dust from my inner self, there’s usually a cat who needs petting. Morning chores…I’ll spare you from description of the cat box and move on to getting the coffee made just so. (it has to be made just so…)

Hubby gets the Sub Q fluids ready by placing them under the thick winter bedding. He does this so Puddles our aging cat will not be shocked by cold liquid as I inject his daily needle under the back of his warm purring body. Yes he purrs. Sometimes he cries, just a little, mostly though he purrs and accepts our strokes and kisses until the required amount of fluid is drained.

He saunters down the stairs, Puddles, not hubby and sits and waits impatiently for his special new diet food. He cries out, sometimes loud, but it’s a cry not of pain but wanting and demand. This is good, it means he has gusto and wants to have his day. Low in protein I nuke it for him then make sure it’s stirred until there are no unpleasant cold or hot spots to spoil his morning meal.

This is pain, this is Puddles pain. It gives me pain. What do you do with pain? You turn it into something opposite you can handle, something subjective like art. It doesn’t cry or become inhuman, art is lovely and soft, sometimes cool to the touch, and other times its untouchable but your brain somehow finds a way to caress the beauty.

So I knit, and knit some more, then I felt…sometimes. This time I chose to knit and felt a purse. I’ve made several, sold a few and will always make more. Because the cycle of pain and loss and rebirth and new days continue and there is no way to erase pain, only ways to ease it and tweak it here and there the urge to conceive lives on.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Silver Spinner Ring with Gold Band

Making spinner rings gives me as much pleasure as viewing the final product. Each spinner ring is different and all share the same kinetic quality. The fluting of the edges of the outer ring allows the wearer to enjoy taking it on and off...you have to own one to know what I mean. The inner ring whether thick or thin or multiple, move with their own unique shape.

This one was given a slight pattern into the silver; I left it a matte finish. The 10karat gold band was hammered to add dimension and sparkle for contrast with the silver.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Sterling Silver Knit Marker Pin

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I've been knitting so much it was time to switch back to my true love. Bending metal. This wearable art piece can be worn with any open weave/knitted fabric. It acts as a unique closure for your shawl, scarf, etc. The markers are meant to be used with knitting as well. I thought about adding beads to the markers but on second hand realized they might get in the way of the piece you are knitting. I plan to make more of these. Definitely a keepsake and special gift for the person you love who loves to knit.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

BeTIOTK's First Hat

I love this hat! I would love the pattern or at least an instructive chart I can follow for my head size.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Silver Loop with Flower Necklace

This was one of the first pieces I soldered on my own in silversmith class. I wasn't sure whether the flower belonged hanging from the large loop at the bottom of the necklace...I liked the way it framed the flower, but didn't want a forced look. In the end I kept the large circle frame around the flower and it sold. Hearing what the buyer loved about the piece felt as satisfying as actually making it. I love when each piece of art finds a good home.

Another thing to always remember is nothing is permanent with jewelry making, things can be cut, melted, hammered, removed, replaced and reset.